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Includes 5 games: Island Tribe, Island Tribe 2, Island Tribe 3, Island Tribe 4, Seek this treasure and lead your tribe toward its new home in Island Tribe 2. Autoplay videos. Windows 8.1 single language keygen link. If there is no "download" button, click the torrent name to view torrent source pages and download there. From the sky to the sea, the quests are both challenging and fulfilling.


Lemmings 2: The Tribes (1993)

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In Elvenar you can upgrade almost every building, improving the productivity and the look of your city. The Tribez – Magnificent colorful strategy in which we need to help survive a small tribe on an inhabited island! Island Tribe 2 Full Version Game Features. Avast antivirus 8.0.1482 license key.


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Totem Tribe Gold Extended Edition - Download Free Full Games. There are currently no reviews for this game. Game Information The Tribe has successfully escaped from the volcano-destroyed island and arrived at some unknown island which is full of mysteries, secret paths, artefacts and treasures. Thankful to the settlers for his rescue, the explorer decides to share a secret with them and.

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The tribe received its name from the nearby island, Croatoan, which is now Hatteras Island. Unlock the mysteries of Tribesville by solving challenging puzzles and defending your tribe from invading adversaries! The series was created by Raymond Thompson and Harry Duffin, and was developed and produced by the Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment Group in New Zealand. Getting Started, How to Contribute, Managing your new community, Guides, All Help articles.

Elvenar - Fantasy City Builder Game

In this game, you will have to control a character who has just bought an Island that is totally full of treasures that have never. Download Totem Tribe Gold Full Version, Bring peace to your island home in Totem Tribe Gold Extended Edition, the fabulous new version of the hit game! I plan on getting the rest of the games in the series. Our antivirus scan shows that this download is safe.


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Game is entirely mouse driven; Krystal will move to where you click in town; clicking the crystals above. The Far Kingdoms: Forgotten Relics. Trackables Activation Code Instructions: 1. Enter your tracking number in the box below. Island Tribe 4 tricks hints guides reviews promo codes easter eggs and more for android application.

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Game island tribe 2 full crack. Office 2020 full crack 64bit. Solve all puzzles and find all stars as fast as you can! Play Virtual Villagers 1: A New Home; Check out.

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Visit the website View the manual View update history Read related news View discussions Find Community Groups. Northern Tale 2. Rating 4.47. Try one online at ToomkyGames or on your PC today! You can also be part of the larger Fandom family of communities.


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Big City Adventure Big City Adventures tell me more. Link to post Share on. Archaeology in Totem Tribe II: Jotun - Game Discussions - 1 month ago. Play the Island Tribe games and help islanders survive the wilderness!


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A Collection of Patrons, Part 1: The Archfey

Hello DnDBehindtheScreen ! Warlocks are my favorite class to both play and DM for, and I am always striving for unique warlock patrons for myself and my players. This is going to be a short series where I present some example patrons for all of the warlock subclasses in the Player's Handbook (the Archfey, the Fiend, and the Great Old One) before potentially providing more past that. This is my first post here so as always, feedback is welcomed. Provided here are descriptions of the two patrons and what they may ask of their warlocks, some flavor ideas for traits and Pact Boons, extra gifts you may hand out to your players if they complete appropriate side quests, and some example plot hooks for both of them.

The Lord of the Lost

The cold chill of winter surrounded the traveler, his brittle skin tightened around his bones. He'd been at it for three days, now. His hunting party had been attacked by frost giants, and while he just barely managed to get away, the rest of his caravan was not so lucky. As soon as he had set off, a terrible storm had set upon him, and he felt like he'd been moving in circles. Had it even been three days? Had it been shorter? Longer? He did not know. The cold and the starvation were getting to him. Soon, the chilling embrace of death would claim him.
Or so he thought. The cold storm was broken by a steadily approaching light. A hooded individual, lantern in one hand and gnarled walking stick in the other, approached him from the north. The traveler rushed through the snow before collapsing in front of the hooded individual, frigid tears running down his face.
"Now I suppose you've wandered in here long enough, hmm? You look miserable." The hooded individual's voice was smooth and welcoming. He placed a hand on the traveler's arm and helped him to his feet.
"I'm so happy to see you, I've been out here for days - finally someone that can help-"
"Now now," the hooded individual interrupted, a wry grin revealing itself from beneath the cloak, "I did not commit to any such thing."
The Lord of the Lost is an archfey that finds his greatest pleasure in experiencing the wide range of emotions that comes from an individual led astray. He spends most of his time in arctic environments, but has also spent time in lush forests or on the coast of remote islands awaiting lost individuals. He delights in making bets with himself on how long it takes for desperation to set in on the forlorn traveler: how long before a party turns on each other for food, how many days someone can survive alone, how long it takes to find civilization, so on and so forth. He does not care much for where a traveler comes from, nor where they end up, instead focusing entirely on the dread that comes with being alone.
Similar to a prey playing with their food, the Lord of the Lost has weather-changing and environment-shaping abilities that keep his victims wandering. Laying a massive layer of fog over the ocean, thickening the treetops so that travelers cannot use the stars to navigate, or simply posing as a toy salesman to separate a child from its parents are just a few of the tools in his toolbox. His intentions are unclear, as sometimes he will lead individuals into the mouth of a hag's lair, and others he will lead straight back to the embrace of a long-forgotten friend. His mood changes quickly, but the only constant is his love for the uncertainty a lost traveler experiences.

As a Patron
The vast majority of the Lord of the Lost's followers are individuals he agrees to lead back to their destination. He does not employ them to do his work for him, so to speak, as a lost individual means nothing to him if he is not there to enjoy watching them, but he does force them to agree to allow him to divert their course whenever he sees fit. As a DM, the Lord of the Lost serves as a great excuse to put side quests or plot hooks in front of your players. He may decide to keep the players in a forest for three days while they are on their way to a time sensitive quest, or he may point them in the direction of a seemingly unimportant item or individual that becomes relevant to the plot months later.
If you wanted to go for a more good-aligned warlock (or maybe even a Cleric diety!), The Lord of the Lost could also give powers to warlocks to help out individuals he may have forgotten to lead home after getting them lost in the first place. These powers would be contingent on rescuing any lost or stranded individuals the players come across on their travels, or traveling to far islands and remote tundras to escort somebody back home.

Pact Boons
  • Pact of the Blade: a gnarled wooden walking stick with a thick oil lantern on the end, which could serve as either a quarterstaff or a mace
  • Pact of the Tome: a collection of maps whose destinations and trails are constantly shifting on the page, with new spells revealing themselves on pages where they were not previously
  • Pact of the Chain: a small sprite that glows like a lightning bug, with colors of the light changing based on the mood of its master

Extra Gifts
  • A bag of rations that allows his followers to cast Create Food and Water or Goodberry once a day, so that he feels less guilty about making them get lost for six weeks
  • A heavy lantern that disperses magical darkness when activated. When a high enough level or after an appropriate side quest, allows the warlock to cast Find the Path once a day as a ritual

Flavoring the Warlock
  • Any compass I hold spins wildly out of control and does not work; any map I look at has the ink melt slowly off of the page, or the roads twist and turn vividly in my sight
  • Whenever I fall asleep, I wake up in a spot about thirty feet away from where I first laid my head
  • My footprints occasionally diverge from behind me when I am traveling, and reunite with me sometime later
  • I cannot read street signs when I am in a major city

Plot Hooks
  • (Low Level): While traversing a snowstorm, you find yourself in the path of a lost revenant. She desperately needs to find the man who killed her and her husband to take her revenge, but she has no idea how to get out of the storm she has found herself in.
  • (Mid Level): You are traveling by sea when your navigator falls unconscious and all compasses on the ship cease to work. When a heavy fog rolls over the waves, the only thing you can hear is the alluring song of a choir of female voices coming from a nearby shoreline.
  • (High Level): Your party attempts a routine teleport, but are lead to a completely different location than what was targeted. The family of vampires that live here are quite upset that you have arrived to their home unannounced, but your patron thinks it's hilarious.

Tarys, The Autumn Huntress

He awoke with a throbbing pain in his head. The last thing he remembered was attempting to rob the red-haired woman traveling alone in the forest, and next thing was him waking up here. The surrounding fauna was all manner of burnt orange and bright yellow, with crunchy brown and green leaves littering the floor. He only had a moment to gather himself before he heard the horn go off, and the drums beating loudly in his ear. Rushing past him were dozens of other creatures - not only animals such as moose and tigers, but hill giants, owlbears, satyrs, and a couple of other humanoid individuals, all sprinting past him into the forest. He stood to follow, but searing pain shot through his leg as an arrow pinned him to the floor.
He turned around and saw, standing fifty yards away, the red-haired woman he had tried to rob. However, now her hair was a vibrant orange, yellow, and brown, matching the surrounding wildlife, and she had another arrow nocked and aimed in his direction. In the distance, the other runners heard his screams echo through the forest.

Tarys is an archfey who has dedicated her life to hunting rare and exotic creatures. She is seen as a mother to lycanthropes, often appearing to and helping those afflicted with the condition to make the most out of their newfound gift before inviting them to live forever hunting in her domain. Cold and calculated, Tarys' other excursions out of the Feywild are either to bring mortal prey back to her hunting grounds, or to approach individuals with offers of power.
When rounding up creatures to bring back to her domain, Tarys often poses as a helpless elderly traveler to bait out brigands on the side of the road. She will sometimes target larger creatures, such as giants, beholders, or even dragons, but only does this on nights with a full moon. Her armor is decorated with dozens of trophies from past kills, and she is always chasing after the thrill of a bigger target. Her mood changes immensely after a successful hunt of something big - any creature in her domain is invited to a massive feast in her banquet hall, where she happily brags about her personal accomplishments and feeds her own ego as much as her belly. Naysayers or challengers are often shot immediately after.

As a Patron
Tarys offers powers to the very few individuals who survive her hunt, any lycanthropes looking to harness the power of their gift, or accomplished hunters she encounters in her excursions to the material plane. She wants her followers to prove themselves worthy to sit in her halls alongside her; as such, she demands they chase glory and trophies from dangerous game all throughout the world. As a DM, Tarys will designate targets for her warlocks that they must claim a trophy from - this could be something massive and threatening like a green dragon lording over a town, or at the least opportune moment, Tarys could divert her warlock's attention to a mouse scurrying through city streets. Whoever the target, the warlock knows they have a new hunt when the sound of war drums fills their ears.
The Autumn Huntress could also send her warlocks on excursions to feed and help towns under her watch, as well. She may demand them slay a vicious dinosaur to bring back food to a town she has grown fond of, or she may have them take out a rival hunter that has intruded on her grounds. Tarys does not stand for disrespect or any insinuation that she is not the best hunter alive, so she often sends her warlocks on complete suicide missions should they anger her in any way.

Pact Boons
  • Pact of the Blade: a large bowie knife with an orange blade and a warm hilt wrapped in animal fur, or a longbow woven from the branches of a large autumn tree with a unicorn hair bowstring
  • Pact of the Tome: a small animal-skin journal with the pages written in the blood of different slain targets
  • Pact of the Chain: a dove or swallow made entirely of orange and yellow leaves that Tarys can hear and speak through to make sure the warlock is respecting her properly

Extra Gifts
  • After a successful hunt, the warlock is granted one of the Hunter's Prey features from the Hunter subclass of Ranger
  • A special invocation that, after hitting a creature with Eldritch Blast, allows the warlock to know the exact location of that creature for the next hour, including seeing through invisibility
  • After slaying an appropriate creature of challenge rating 12 or higher (can be adjusted based on the campaign), at any point in the next week, the warlock can teleport themselves and their entire party to Tarys' banquet hall to have a Heroes' Feast once before needing to slay another appropriate creature

Flavoring the Warlock
  • I prefer to eat my meat raw. The fresher the better!
  • My hair changes with the seasons: it may turn vibrant orange and yellow in the fall, and it may all fall out and make me bald in the winter
  • I woke up one day and had knowledge of every single possible knot someone could tie, and can identify any animal just by smelling some of its droppings.

Plot Hooks
  • (Low Level): While traveling through a nearby forest, Tarys has tasked you with slaying a brontosaurus she has placed in the area. However, a centaur hunting party is also after the beast, and if they kill it before you do, Tarys will not be happy.
  • (Mid Level): A tribe of frost giants has recently been hunting on some of Tarys' favorite hunting grounds, and she wants you to behead their chief to show them she is not to be trifled with.
  • (High Level): For one reason or another, Tarys is either incredibly impressed with you or immensely upset with you. Either way, she has targeted an ancient red dragon for you to kill, but with a bonus: if you slay the creature without wearing any armor, she will grant you a special boon.

Thank you once again for reading! Hope these two are able to help you all out with your games. Next up is going to be the Fiend.
submitted by SensualStrawberry to DnDBehindTheScreen


I've watched 22 seasons in 23 days, here are my thoughts

Hey all, I'm newly back into Survivor after watching seasons 39 and 40 with my roommate. I originally watched a few of the first seasons when they aired but after watching season 40 and listening to a few episodes of RHAP I had an itch to watch a few seasons so I started with season 33 because I liked Adam in 40. That turned into a bet with my roommate that I couldn't watch all 40 seasons in 60 days. So far I've watched 33, and 1-20, and going to finish 21 in a few hours. I thought since I hit the halfway point I'd share my thoughts throughout the marathon about the game and the players each season. I'm have a unique perspective because I already know 20 of the winners from Winners at War and I have watched some Peridiam videos so I recognize a lot of the big plays so I thought it'd give a spin to my insight. Feel free to ask any clarifying questions and don't worry about spoilers for the following 20 seasons, because by now most of them left were in season 40 or I know from name recognition. Please be careful if you are worried about spoilers from the seasons because I haven't edited any out.
1 Season 1 is chaotic as fuck. Full stop THE CHALLENGES??? THEY’RE NOT CHALLENGES IT’S JUST PEOPLE HANGING OUT THROWING SOME SHIT AROUND Richard is arrogant but not unwarranted and also I love it “Want to know what you’re playing for?” Love that it’s always been around
2 Season 2 was alright, fairly uneventful in my eyes, just barely above 1 in terms of challenges
3 Season 3 would send me into a spiral seeing that watering hole and having to fight off lions. I understand the premise of the show is survival but that’s mental Clarence is my soulmate, him wanting to be a food critic “the man’s man food critic” iconic, greasy food and fluffy pancakes, my literal dream People solely voting for whoever they want and mostly on who’s the weakest link with no strategy is mind blowing to me The previous votes tie breaker is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen and so far Season 3’s strategy is solely about that Seasons 1-4, final immunity winner didn’t win the end Virtually if not literally every aspect of the game has evolved immensely Jury questions used to be like pick a number or Tom’s dumbass question about the hyena licking its butt after eating the mush
4 Season 4 is like night and day, at the beginning it feels like the first season of true survivor with the challenges Boston rob was good but he was out way too quickly, same with Amber in 2 so what were their criteria for all stars? You picked up when they called to ask if you’d come back? Then he left and it went back to normal
5 Season 5, is this the most chaotic cast ever? Holy hell Might be the two least deserving people fighting for a million dollars at the end of 5 The early seasons have no animosity, there are challenges where they have to target the other survivors directly and they just take it in stride
6 The challenges where you snuff out their three torches or knock out three plates with a slingshot suck ass Season 6 E 4’s immunity challenge where whoever gets the most fish in a time wins is such a dumb challenge because the odd are varied between the two areas, present challenges with equal odds are way better Guys vs girls is chaotic and I love it, the off the cuff comments from the guys are great The mini fridge with coke as a reward was wild and loved it They got way too much food and beer at the merge wtf was that? The lead up to tribal broadcasts who is going so clearly it’s jarring compared to modern survivor The confessional camera angles are wild, especially Rob’s in S6E7 The mid season recap episodes also suck ass Love the auctions, bring that back Was Rob the first super fan? Are they legally required to have a homophobe on screen every season? I know it’s a different time but yikes “Who do you have a crush on?” “Matthew guessed himself” probably the funnest part of the series yet This felt like the first real true season Matt giving up his reward to see his mom for the rest of the castaways made me cry for the first time in the series
7 JK this is the first real season (7) of survivor in my eyes Didn’t have a recap episode so solidifies it as the first season The start is a great concept, I’d love to see it come back I’ve seen this season before so I know Rupert is my favorite but even coming back I love him Sandra has redemption in my eyes here, I don’t remember her much from the first view and in 40 she was lame so seeing her here is great Give skinny Ryan a redemption arc in a new season The editing including Jonny saying he has a mill to bet that Sandra’s not the final one after their fight, perfection Looting is a pretty cool dynamic, I have no problem with it I forgot the edge of extinction existed this early, damn they’re thinking ahead The first self eviction and Jeff didn’t even try to hide his distain I mean how do you not love the confessionals at the end of this season? The fact that neither of the boys had any clue and talked down the girls constantly, chef’s kiss Also it’s cemented Sandra as a bad bitch for me; this season was her as the “I’m a bad bitch you can’t kill me” vine
8 Did anyone understand the power of a power couple with Boston Rob and Amber or did they just ignore it? Watching Rob try to play with the big boys was funny Love the dissolving tied into the reward challenge Loving people from the same season back because they have old beef to hash out or bonds that are already there Randomly picking buffs to swap tribes bit them in the butt so I’d be surprised if this isn’t where they started predetermining the swaps like I’m pretty sure we’ve seen in 39 or 40 Boston Rob ran this game, honestly embarrassing by the rest “Shii Ann’s probably trying to make alliances with a bush” new favorite line of the series What are the job requirements for setting up the challenges? CBS, call me. I can do it.
9 100% thought Chris was going home the first tribal of 9 I’m going to be taking note of weirdest jobs, Mechanical bull operator leads so far All these randoms makes me feel like season 1 again I did like the switch up of majority alliance at 7, if it was a march down of majority to the end it would have been utterly boring. Now it was only slightly less boring I truly will not remember season 9 after a week, except the LGBTQ representation was memorable The story challenges suck ass The out of tune gong when they’re failing is my favorite thing in the series
10 Booting off two right away is sadistic and if I was one of the two I’d be on suicide watch so please don’t have it if I’m on Survivor Also if I go I hope Jeff is never as disappointed in me as he is this tribe that’s losing I was hopeful they’d throw this losing tribe an immunity challenge that’s tailored to them but Jeff said absolutely not How sick of strategizing do you get when there are no people to vote off? If Steph doesn’t win after all this I’m going to CBS studio and riot Steph will always be the winner in my mind, fuck everyone else Firemaking challenge with matches is so easy wtf Ian’s final offer feels like the most honorable thing we’ve seen yet in the first 10 seasons HOLY FUCK IS KATIE THE WORST PERSON IN THE FINAL 2??????????????????????????????????????? I literally can’t fathom a world where Tom doesn’t win the million after this absolutely flaming pile of shit
11 Steph redemption arc inbound let’s go Guatemala This tribe swap was a cool way to do it, especially with the surprise to the two that were gone Gary is trying his hardest to hide his NFL experience so I’m excited to see him on a tribe with Danni Jamie’s my least favorite player so far dude just needs to take the L Interesting to see how they handled the hidden immunity idol, no footage of it being found, used it right after he found it. I know he was potential to go home but doesn’t seem like they processed it could be kept for another day I need someone from the season to tell me if they believed Gary denying his NFL playing time after time Danni completely unbothered by her brother both being there and not being able to spend the night with him, a bad bitch FUCK THE CAR, CINDY CURSE EVERYONE ELSE Bitter jury cost Steph the million, damn
12 Exile Island is edge light? Why is there another recap episode? Who asked for this??? Being able to play the idol after the votes is incredibly overpowered how is this a thing? In line for dumbest things to do before a season, not quit smoking earlier than right before you head out Just putting it out into the universe if breakfast is ever a reward in a game of Survivor that I’m playing I’ll literally do anything needed to get it LMAOOOOO but if this was supposed to be the bed and breakfast I’d sue It’s so frustrating seeing them not know how to play an immunity idol to keep their numbers and take out one at the beginning of the merge Also though he didn’t even need to worry about it because he won individual every time? A mess I literally said to my friend “what is he holding this idol for if he’s not keeping the numbers, does he expect to win every individual immunity to the end besides one where he uses his hidden idol?” Then he did it. An actual fire making contest, we love to see it “In a new social experiment” about the four tribes of four based off gender and age…you all had that for one vote???? What kind of planning is that if you’re going to boast about it Seems sloppy to have a final immunity where one person can fall and shift the water towards another person… Branching off of my breakfast comment from earlier, I literally can’t fathom how good the day 39 breakfast would taste Except I’ll stay off the rocks unlike Aras Cirie’s confessionals are always a 10/10
13 I’m surprised I could watch this season with a terrible choice of a theme on CBS’ website Exile Island back already? Must have had difficulties in the writers room Eye roll at Parvati overtly flirting count: 4 Love seeing the iconic things in real life like Billy falling in love I am having difficulty with the themes of the season if they’re going to swap tribes after 2 eliminations, 1 last season Unrelated to the game but I could listen to Yul talk all day long, he’s incredibly smart and I’d love to hear his ideas on everything You dumb fucks think that a simple comment about wanting mashed potatoes means you’re ready to go home????? The idol is so overpowered right now it’s basically just an f you you can’t vote me out don’t try or you’ll just lose a person
14 Expert witness locator is a pretty cool job too Going to see if the winner is from the tribe that wins the decked out shelter because that seems overpowered I give it 1 in 10 odds someone gets bit by a sea snake on exile island and dies I haven’t been talking about the gameplay mechanics much lately because they’re all pretty good now. The idol mechanics of playing after the vote suck but that’s fixed so it’s all good now Somewhat related though having the entire cast make a shelter only half get to use is cheap though Well I was so right about the shelter that production made them give up a person just to keep it The audacity for Dreamz to call out the two weakest players after they gave up immunity is mental I need to talk to someone from Moto to ask what they did with all that fishing gear The twist for this season is either toxic masculinity or one tribe gets a god tier shelter and see how it turns out, I can’t quite tell yet Boo with the spy bunker prototype Stone-cold jury when Yau Man used his idol correctly, at least give him a smile I would pay a million dollars to hear what Jeff was thinking during this final tribal council The least enjoyable cast so far
15 I get it, the twist this season is just throw everyone around the two tribes and see what happens I love the idol out in the open But Todd using the kidnapping to his advantage is a brain blast move wtf Todd straight up running this season and they’re all fighting to bring him So far this season has the most nudity blurred so let’s see if that can be broken down the line
16 I literally can’t tell you how excited I am for this season Fans wanting to get out Mike/Mary because Mike told them how to split the votes is basically them saying “I don’t want you to be smart” So Cirie has to be the first out of the alliance of 5 out because how do you beat 2 couples? I cannot believe she went forward with that, I wonder how the game would have played out if she went with Jonathan and company Kathleen was the inspiration for Island of the Idols? She mentions being out at exile with the favorites was teaching her so much about the game/survival I mean I don’t care for Chet but him getting destroyed in this capture the flag reward was incredibly hard to watch The fact that this fake idol fooled anyone is mental to me Alexis talking about Eliza in the past tense at tribal is one of the spiciest slip ups yet The giant chocolate sheet cake was the best item in any auction so far The chip away at each person’s 3 ropes or plates or whatever challenges are better now that they’re not so sheepish about it Seeing Erik give away his final immunity in real life is wild, I still can’t wrap my head around it Pulling out a final 2 instead of 3 here is cruel and unusual punishment Ozzy professing his love at the end, yikes
17 They’re back in Africa and I’m already triggered by what the water situation can be like I’m 23 minutes in and I’ve already seen so much, a lady wanting to drink water from elephant poop, a nerd falling for a girl, a straight guy being uncomfortable and defending his sexuality with a guy being attracted to him, I am in for a ride Just after I said that medical came in, wow what a first episode and it’s not even 1/3 over Changing criteria for getting fire every season gives me a headache, sometimes they let them die of dehydration other times they give both tribes fire after the first challenge and tribal The dynamic of Sugar getting comfort at exile while her tribe starves and there’s nothing she can do it is my favorite dynamic of the show yet Watching this starving team lose over and over it’s even fun but what can you do? This nonsense with the idol during the swap feast is chaotic and I hate it Is laughing at someone who used a fake idol and got voted off the right thing to do? No. Is it a little better when they’re a aggressive racist? Absolutely These fake idols, botched alliances, actual chaos and I didn’t think it could get more chaotic than the challenges in the first season What did two of these three do to get to the end? There’s a clear winner for me And he won :)
18 The absolute next level spice to start this season off, production had fun with this How does anyone older than 8 years of age not know what a pace is? I love the dynamic with two people going to exile from different tribes and the use of it with Taj and Brendan but they needed to mix it up way quicker to not put suspicion on themselves The clues for exile idols are basically “if you’re like the second person out there you get it, sucks to suck anyone else that comes along” When I watched Winners at War, Tyson’s pretentiousness was unbearable but now that it is for some reason, I can’t put my finger on why though Coach is full of himself too and I dislike him a lot more than Tyson and truly can’t wait to see Sophie beat him Ep 6 39:30 the cut between Stephen and Brendan cuddling and the frogs on top of each other, funniest part of the series yet, beats out the last Episode 7 section on Coach is exactly why I can’t stand him. Someone will do something he doesn’t like and chastise them and he does something someone else doesn’t like and pretends it’s all good I took a shot every time Brendan mentioned he’s an entrepreneur and now I can’t remember my name Stephen gaming the symbols challenge was beautiful, I’d seen it in a video before but knowing him all season now makes it all the better I would pay someone to edit Coach out of this season
19 Marisa is gorgeous and if she’s reading this I hope you reach out It’s incredible how easily swayed these people are by Russell wtf I’ll admit I’ve already seen that Russell found the first idol without a clue from a random YouTube video but it’s still nice to see it in person A challenge without Jeff there, the true twist of the season I didn’t think they were taking the leadership necklace seriously until Jeff stopped at a challenge to ask where it was. I hate it but also love it, I feel dirty because it’s so dorky who thought this was a good addition to Survivor? How do they still have recap episodes 19 seasons in??? Russell is the most entertaining player so far, I said what I said
20 I am unbelievable excited for this season the intro alone was insane I love the idea that Russell is star struck with Parvati and Rob there The heroes win the first reward challenge and get four chickens on their first day what an omen Oh my lord someone Coach actually admires, I can’t believe it’s happening I think Boston Rob’s a prick but it’s obvious after his fall and recovery he truly loves this game so I’ll respect it Also “and a little case of cry babyitis” made me chuckle I truly don’t even care for Parvati much because I have seen how she plays three times now but if I ever played with here there is 0% chance I wouldn’t succumb to her charm and I hate that about myself James’ luxury item being one of the hidden immunity idols he didn’t use in China is incredible Tyson not knowing how to comfort Coach, chef’s kiss Jeff yelling no when people fuck up at challenges has stayed the same since season 1 and I love it every time “Tomorrow we make our apologies, tonight we make our move” I saw it in person, damn The slow dissent of heroes to villains is great, Jeff getting pissed at Colby telling him to start the reward challenge was incredible The Russell vs Rob tribal where Tyson ultimately goes home, wowowwewow Probst gottem with the merge drop your buffs bluff Sandra with the positive Outback Steakhouse confessional mirroring Karishma’s pro Applebee’s confessional in 39, cinema “This is Survivor history” for the JT idol play, true but for a different reason Colby just watching the movie while the other two find the clue is iconic Candice is a mess and I need her to get it together or I’ll freak Well after the failed flip to Heroes, I had no idea how Sandra won but now I see how the pieces are coming together as they vote Candice off and now Danielle Watching it crumble beneath Russell gives me life ISO a woman who is looking to kiss me as long as Laura kisses Rupert I love that this was all redone challenges I didn’t realize Sandra beat Parvati for this win, she’s a bad bitch also Russell’s a moron for thinking he’d ever win this final 3
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