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IOS 8.3 now breaks iFunbox and probably other similar programs

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iOS emulation MEGA post! Want to play SNES, N64, PSP, PS1, GBA, NDS, Sega Genesis and many other console games on your phone? How about with a PS3 or PS4 controller? I'll show you how. (detailed instructions inside)

This guide is outdated, refer to: http://toucharcade.com/2014/12/11/guide-to-installing-emulators-ipad-iphone/
Hello you beautiful people, my name is Kai and I am going to show you how to emulate literally tens of thousands of games on your iPhone or iPad in a few (kind of) simple steps, the amount of text below is no doubt a bit daunting to look at but I swear to you that even your grandmother could do it, just follow the steps!
First I will show you some pics of what it looks like, note that the gamepad overlay you see in the pics can be turned off if you want to play with a controller: http://imgur.com/a/53WoI
This is the list of Consoles that you will be able to emulate once you have fallowed my guide:
  1. PlayStation 1
  2. Super Nintendo
  3. Nintendo Entertainment System
  4. GameBoy / GameBoy Color
  5. GameBoy Advance
  6. Arcade
  7. Nintendo 64
  8. Nintendo DS
  9. Neo Geo Pocket Color
  10. Virtual Boy
  11. Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
  12. Sega Master System/Sega Game Gear
  13. Sega CD / Mega CD
  14. Sony PSP
  15. PC Engine / PC Engine CD
  16. WonderSwan Color / Crystal
To do this you will need to Jailbreak your iDevice, lets break down some misconceptions that people have about it. Jailbreaking is legal in most countries; check out the "legal status" part of the iOS jailbreaking article on Wikipedia for details., It is **NOT inherently geared towards piracy, it is quite easy to jailbreak these days and it is safe, there is a 0% chance of bricking your phone and does not void warranty!
Here is a short video on Jailbreaking and Cydia, not required to watch but might help you get familiarized with the concept of jailbreaking and Cydia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEbCzkcrXJk
/jailbreak is a fantastic community, definitely check out the subreddit if you get interested in tweaking your phone or want to add a custom theme or font.
LEGALITY OF EMULATION: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_console_emulator As it states in the wikipedia article "According to all legal precedents, emulation is legal within the United States." BUT downloading roms or ISO's (games) that you don't own physical copies of is illegal and the same is true for most places See here for more details, I do personally own quite a large collection of games so it isn't a problem for me, just do the right thing K? K.
Cydia: you can think of this as a kind of alternate app store that also has many, many themes, utilities, tweaks, fonts, apps and basically everything you need to customize every possible detail of how your phone functions and looks.
Repo's: think of these as file servers that hold the seperate libraries of tweaks, apps, themes etc. there are a few repos that come with Cydia and they contain a lot of stuff but you can add some new ones by going into Cydia then clicking on "Sources" then "Edit" in the top right and then "Add" in the top left" then you type in the repo URL's that I have provided below.
Repo's (Sources) you will need [Cydia app names](ignore this for now):
http://www.libretro.com/cydia/ [retroarch]
http://cydia.ppsspp.org/ [PPSSPP Dev-Working]
Hardware you will need:
  • Windows PC (or emulated windows on Mac)
  • iPad1/2/3/mini/Air or iPhone 4/4s 5/5c/5s 6/6+ on iOS 8.1.1 (newest firmware)
  • USB to iPhone cable
Software you will need (download these now):
Optional software to enable PS1 games with retroarch: google scph7003.bin (I can not provide this but you put the file into the /vamobile/Documents/.Retroarch folder)
This should only take about 30 minutes to an hour before you can actually start playing games (not including update and especially backup times for you 128GB device owners :P
** Okay here we GOOOOOOOO** (Mario N64 Voice)
1. Go into iTunes and upgrade to the newest firmware and then BACK UP YOUR PHONE!!!!! This is seriously the most important step! As long as you do this then you are 100% in the clear from screwing up your phone so don't fuck it up! GOT IT!? I recommend making the backup on PC but iCloud Backup is fine.
2. Close iTunes and then run the Taig Jailbreak, follow the instructions and definitely don't unplug your phone. (seriously)
3. Once your phone is done restarting a few times and working its magic you should have a new app on your Springboard called Cydia. (YAY!) Your phone is now jailbroken, if at any time you want to set your phone back to stock then simply restore your phone from your backup and everything is all groovy.
4. Open Cydia and add the sources I listed, see the "About Cydia" section above if you forgot how to add them
5. Use the "Search" tab of Cydia and then search and install the following tweaks (your phone may reboot after installing some of these, do not be alarmed):
    • snes9X EX
    • retroarch
    • PPSSPP Dev-Working
    • iFile
    (Optional tweaks to enable PS3/PS4 controller support)
    • btstack
    • controllers for all
6. Download the Mercury web browser from the Apples official app store app (lol) , it has a download manager which is totally and completely unrelated to step 7, I swear. To download files in Mercury tap on the file link first to see if it is a redirect link or a direct file link, if you are not redirected then hold your finger on the link and then select "Download Link" huzzah, the file is downloading, you can watch its progress in the download manager which is accessed through the button with 3 horizontal lines at the bottom of Mercury.
7. You need games, this part I can not directly help you with but my friend google can so ask him about emu paradise and he will tell you whats up. You can download them onto your PC and then transfer them with iFunbox OR you can download them directly to your phone, I prefer PC to phone. Like I said above I play games that I own.
8. So the games are on your phone (or your PC) and now you need to transfer them to the proper folder, this is where iFunbox and iFile come into play, If you downloaded the games onto your PC then open up iFunbox, if you downloaded the games to your phone then open up iFile on your iPhone.
This part where you have to set the bookmarks kinda sucks but only has to be done once so don't be a weenie, you must push onwards, otherwise who is going to help Chrono beat the piss out of (or befriend) Magus? :)
9a. If you are using iFunbox on your PC: click on iFunbox Classic in the top left then click on "Whateveryournameis's iPhone" in the file browser on the left and then click on "Raw File system" then Navigate to /vamobile/Documents, right click on Documents and select "add shortcut". I also suggest making a Shortcut for the Mercury download folder, to do this simply download a file into mercury and then use iFunbox to search for the file, once the file is found then cancel the search by clicking the red X on the right, then right click on the file and choose "open containing folder" now find the highlighted folder on the left, right click on it and add to shortcuts.
9b. If you are using iFile on your iPhone/iPad: click on the "home" button at the bottom then click Containers/Data/Application then swipe down to reveal the search bar, use this to search the first word of whatever game you downloaded (I searched just "blades" for Blades Of Steel), once the game shows up click on the little i button next to the name and then click on the "directory" section, CONGRATULATIONSSSSssss, you have now found your download folder for Mercury. Now you need to click on the Bookmark symbol at the bottom middle then click on "Bookmarks" also at the bottom and then the + symbol on the bottom right to add the bookmark, name it Games or Download.
10a. Transferring games on iFunbox: Open your new shortcut to the Documents folder, it will be at the very bottom of your folder browser in iFunbox, Shortcuts have stars next to them like this: http://imgur.com/bA7p1NG Now you just drag and drop (or copy and paste) your game from whatever folder on your PC you saved it to into the Documents folder in iFunbox, its that easy, do you like that you fucking retard?
10b. Transferring games on iFile: Navigate to your Mercury download folder with the bookmark you just made but you should already be in it if you followed the previous step, tap "Edit" at the top right and then tap on the file then tap the clipboard at the bottom right and then select "Cut" then navigate to vamobile/Documents and then tap "Edit" in the top right (again) and then on the clipboard (again) in the bottom right and select Paste! You can also make a bookmark here if you wish to make it a little easier. As of this second you can now play the game on your phone, good fucking job mate, I'm proud of you.
ALRIGHT YOU DID IT, IT'S TIME TO PLAY GAMES!!!..... Oh you cant? You're overwhelmed you say? You want to use a sweet as controller? Timmy is stuck in a well? It's okay, now I will explain how to setup the different emulators and how to connect up to 8(!) PS3 or PS4 controllers through bluetooth.
Retroarch: This is a powerful emulator with many "cores" that can mimic many consoles, in fact it emulates all of the consoles listed above but for PSP I prefer the PPSSPP emulator and for SNES I prefer SNES9x EX but if you want to you can use Retroarch for everything (although I think the PSP core might not be ready yet for retroarch and PPSSPP is a flawless emulator)
A. (for people who want to use the touch screen as the controller)
Once you know what game you are going to play and have it in the correct folder you can just go into Retroarch and select "Load Content" and select the game, once the it fires up it might load the proper overlay for the console that you are playing but if it doesn't for some odd reason then you can....
  • Changing gamepad overlay: tap on the top of the of the screen (the arrow, not the alien symbol) to bring up this menu: http://i.imgur.com/UQIrJ3I.png then select "Core" then scroll down until you see "Input Overlay" select that and you should see the current config file for your overlay, they are in seperate folders so you have to tap on "Up" in the top left corner and then select the folder with the name of the system (psx, n64, snes etc) that you are playing and then the config file within that folder. Boom, resume your game and you are golden, go play some games.
B. (for people who are using PS3 or PS4 controllers)
  • Connect your PS3 or PS4 controller to your PC with a compatible USB cable.
  • Run the Sixaxis Pair Tool on your PC while both your iDevice and Controller are connected to your PC.
  • On your iDevice go into your settings and navigate to General>About>Bluetooth and enter that what it says next to bluetooth into the Sixaxis Pair tool (take your time and make sure it is correct) then click Update, the controller is now paired and you can unplug it from your PC, the controller will stay paired unless you pair it to something else. If you want to add more controllers then repeat as necessary.
  • You installed Btstack on your iDevice right? If not then do that now by searching for it in Cydia and installing. Once it is installed go into your iOS settings and DISABLE the stock bluetooth and then scroll way way down until you see Btstack, tap on it and then tap on btstack again, it is now enabled.
  • If you installed Controllers For All then you need to disable that in settings now because it is not needed for RetroArch and will interfere. It is only necessary for PPSSPP and SNES9x EX.
  • Open up this settings menu: http://i.imgur.com/UQIrJ3I.png by tapping on the very top of your screen (the arrow, not the alien symbol) then select "Front End" then tap on "Bluetooth Input Type" and select btstack.
  • Resume game and now tap on the alien symbol to bring up this menu: http://i.imgur.com/21LKCic.png then select Settings>Input Options>Device and set it to Sixaxis/Dualshock3 go back to the main menu and then "Resume Content" then go back into the alien button menu and choose "Quit Retroarch", this will save your settings.
You're DONE, just launch a game and then press the PS button on your controller, the lights might continue to flash but you should be connected now, if you ever have trouble connecting go into your iOS settings and toggle btstack off and then back on again.
SNES9x EX: Simple and efficient
A. (If you want to use touch screen controls)
  • Load a game......then play it. Yup, that's pretty much all there is to it.
B. (For Controllers see step B in PPSSPP section below)
PPSSPP: This is a FAN-flipping-TASTIC PSP emulator that has a very nice user interface.
A. (If you want to use touch screen controls)
  • Open PPSSPP and click on the "Game"tab and then select the game you want to play, if no game is shown then you have put the game in the right folder, it must be in /vamobile/documents/ Other than that you are good to go because there is only 1 gamepad overlay.
B. (If you want to use a Controller)
  • Disable stock bluetooth in iOS settings
  • Install btstack in Cydia and then enable it in settings>btstack
  • Install Controllers For All from Cydia and then enable it in iOS settings
  • Launch SixAxis Pair Tool (If you have already paired your controller then skip this step and the next) while your iDevice and Controller are both connected.
  • On your iDevice go into your settings and navigate to General>About>Bluetooth and enter what it says next to bluetooth into the Sixaxis Pair tool (take your time and make sure it is correct) then click Update, the controller is now paired and you can unplug it from your PC, the controller will stay paired unless you pair it to something else. If you want to add more controllers then repeat as necessary.
  • Now just launch the game and you will see a banner saying that it is initializing bluetooth, then it will tell you to press the PS button on your controller (So do it)and holy donkey balls batman, you are basically a super hacker now, if you ever have trouble connecting a controller go into your iOS settings>Controllers For All and press the "Restart BTstack, Controllers For All" button and then try again.
I have ran out of characters so I hope you awesome people get some use out of this ;)
submitted by XenoKai to iphone


(Guide) How to get working FreedomPop service on the iPhone 3G

This guide was done on an iPhone 3G with the 06.15.00 iPad baseband freshly restored to iOS 4.2.1 and stuck in recovery mode with a 1015 error. It should also apply to normally working devices. If you are running the standard iPhone baseband (not the 06.15.00 iPad baseband), then you have a bit more flexibility in how you can do this. I will have some suggestions for these users towards the end of the guide. Please remember that you are doing this at your own risk. If you need help along the way, feel free to leave a comment or send me a DM.
Here is what you will need:
  • A computer running Windows XP. (Windows 7 did not work for me, but YMMV. I don't know how the process differs on Mac. A VM might work.)
  • An iPhone and compatible USB cable. (Other old iPhones should also be able to connect to FreedomPop, but the process is different for each. I will discuss this at the end of the guide. Before someone asks, no, the 2G will not work with this.)
  • A FreedomPop SIM. (I used the LTE 3-in-1 SIM for this. I am on the free plan, so I only have data access. I would guess that Premium users can also get native calling and texting to work, as the phone is able to place outbound calls and receive the "calls are not allowed from this line" voice error. Do keep in mind that AT&T is planning to shut down its 3G towers in 2022, meaning that it will no longer get service on the network.)
  • iTunes x86 or x64. (11.0.5 and above did not work for me. We need this older version to be able to install a custom IPSW. Select the version that matches your computer's architecture.)
  • sn0wbreeze 2.9.14. (This will be used to create the custom IPSW needed to preserve the baseband and hopefully avoid the iTunes 32, 1015, and 3194 errors. You can also download iREB if you can't enter PWNed DFU Mode easily.)
  • iPhone Configuration Utility 3.6 (This will be used to install the .mobileconfig file for the APN. I was not able to install the file through Safari or Mail.)
  • iFunBox Classic (This will be used to copy some files over to the device's file system. You can use other compatible file browsers if you prefer.)
-- FILES --
  • A stock IPSW for your device from here. (I used the 4.2.1 IPSW. You may be able to use other versions too.)
  • The FreedomPop APN Profile from here. (This will allow us to connect to FreedomPop's service. Generate a profile on your computer using the website; I used the fp.com.attz option.)
  • The .deb files for ultrasn0w 1.2.8 and MobileSubstrate 0.9. (We need these to network-unlock the iPhone and allow it to connect to FreedomPop.)
  • The Cydia AutoInstall Script. (The file is located just above the first image of the parent post. We need this to help the iPhone install the .deb files.)
  1. If you currently have iTunes installed, uninstall it. Delete/Rename the iTunes directory in your computer's Music folder to complete the process.
  2. Download and install the programs listed above, and make sure iTunes can recognize your iPhone. Download the files as well.
  3. Make sure your SIM card is in its appropriate adapter. The 3G uses full-size SIMs.
  1. Launch sn0wbreeze and click OK. Click on the blue arrow, then the blue "browse" button. Select your stock IPSW. If it fails to identify, try downloading the IPSW again. Click on the blue arrow again. If you want to make modifications such as enabling homescreen wallpaper and battery percentage, select Expert Mode and make those changes. Otherwise, select Simple Mode. Press Yes at the activation prompt. Wait for sn0wbreeze to generate the custom IPSW; it will show up on your desktop.
  2. Upon generation of the IPSW, sn0wbreeze will guide you through the process of entering a PWNed DFU state. If it only gives you one chance to enter DFU, you can use iREB to enter PWNed DFU as well, so don't worry if you fail the first time and sn0wbreeze goes back to the main menu. Use either tool to enter this mode.
  3. Once your iPhone is PWNed, close out of sn0wbreeze and launch iTunes. It will detect that the iPhone is in DFU mode and prompt you to restore. Press OK on the warning dialog. Press and hold the SHIFT key on your keyboard while you press Restore iPhone, and a Browse window will come up. Navigate to your desktop and select the sn0wbreeze IPSW that was generated. The iPhone should automatically restore, reboot, and activate. The bootlogo will be altered to look like a snowflake; this is normal.
  4. Once the iPhone is booted up and ready to go, connect to a WiFi network and launch Cydia. It will load the sources and might spit out some errors, this is okay. Once it is done, it will prompt you to perform an upgrade. Select the Complete Upgrade button and let Cydia update. It will give you a "Close Cydia" button when complete.
  5. Plug the iPhone back into the computer and launch iFunBox Classic. Ignore the 404 error in the main window and look at the left panel. When your iPhone connects, click on the Raw Filesystem button. Locate the .debs you downloaded earlier and copy them to the /varoot/media/Cydia/AutoInstall directory. If it does not exist, create it. Next, navigate to the /System/Library/LaunchDaemons directory and place the AutoInstall script here.
  6. Put in your SIM card and reboot. (It won't work yet, but now is a good time to insert it.) Once it's rebooted, launch Cydia and update the MobileSubstrate; there will be a red bubble on the bottom bar letting you know that the update is ready. Once MobileSubstrate updates, ultrasn0w will automatically configure itself. At this point, you may see "Searching..." in the status bar, which is a good sign. When Cydia is done, it will prompt you to Restart SpringBoard. Hit the button and wait for the iPhone to respring. You should be able to connect to AT&T's network now, but data will not work yet. Try placing a test call to any number and see if you get the automated "calls are not allowed from this line" voice error. If so, that is a good sign indicating that the network is accessible.
  7. Launch the iPhone Configuration Utility and wait for your iPhone to be identified. Click on the Add button in the top left and change the file type in the Browse window to Mobile Configuration (.mobileconfig). Navigate to your FreedomPop APN Profile and select it. Next, click on your iPhone under the Devices header and click on Configuration Profiles. Find the profile you added and click Install. A profile installation window should pop up on the iPhone. Agree to the installation and let it complete. The service linked in this guide also adds a bookmark to the homescreen, but it is safe to remove by holding down the app icon and clicking the X.
  8. At this point, the iPhone is properly configured for use on FreedomPop over AT&T's 3G network! Enter and exit Airplane Mode to reconnect to the network with the new APN settings. Open Safari and give it a test. If it still does not work or tells you that you're not subscribed to a data plan, reboot the phone and try again. Ensure your FreedomPop service is active by testing the SIM in a more modern device if there is still no connection. Success!
Depending on your configuration, you may be other to use other tools to acheive the same results. For example, if your iPhone 3G has a regular baseband and can restore normally in iTunes, you can use redsn0w to jailbreak and activate instead of sn0wbreeze. For other iDevices, you can look up the jailbreak methods that work best, and go through with the unlocking + profile adding process after that. Each device and iOS version may have a different method for jailbreaking and unlocking, so familiarize yourself with those first. If your iPhone is unlocked already and shows the AT&T signal in the status bar, then you only need to install the APN. Depending on the iOS version of your device, you might be able to skip the iPCU step entirely and download the profile on the device itself. Feel free to try it out and leave your success stories in the comments!
The reason I used sn0wbreeze for this was because there seemed to be no other way to restore a custom IPSW to preserve the baseband. I could not stitch the SHSH blobs with redsn0w or iFaith, and I couldn't get TinyUmbrella to run at all. iTunes repeatedly gave me the 3194 error when flashing a NO_BB IPSW from redsn0w despite trying several hosts file combinations. In the end, this was more of a "do it because you can" type of project for me, not a "do it because you need to". Mainly did this for the fun of the challenge.
If you have any questions, comments, recommendations, or success stories, feel free to post them in the comments! Hope this helped someone out there. :)
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