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On Empire Earth II were 3 parts of players: 1. With CD version 2. With DVD version 3. With cracked version We couldn't play together. Empire earth 2 art of supremacy cd keygen. Even though most of codes are the same as our original EE2 cheat codes release, we added a new HotKey method to cheat. Nicely worth the worth tag & operates terrific.

Empire Earth 2 The Art Of Supremacy Patch Download

It's a pointless series of bullet points in a box, none of which are really worth the price of an expansion pack. If you still have trouble finding Empire Earth Ii Art Of Supremacy after simplifying your search term then we. There are crack groups who work hard in order to unlock software, games, etc. The Art of Conquest adds the Space Age, which results in 15 total epochs in the.


Empire Earth 2 Art Of Supremacy

Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy - Developer's Diary - Chapter Two - Movie Download. No-CD & No-DVD Patch troubleshooting: The most common problem getting a No-CD/No-DVD patch to work is ensuring that the No-CD/No-DVD patch matches you're game version, because the games exe is changed when a patch update is applied previous. Empire Earth 2 The Art of Supremacy PC Game Overview Empire Earth II The Art Of Supremacy PC Game Is A Strategy Game Which Comes With Historic Battles Theme. Reply Good karma Bad karma +2 votes Guest Jan 26 2020.

EE2.eu - Empire Earth II - Unofficial Patch 1.5 (2020)

The Artwork of Supremacy Preview'. To download open a link and wait for 5 seconds, then click "Skip Ad" button in top-right corner. Empire Earth II (Art of Supremacy Expansion) Custom Maps? Balancing them can be a matter of preference and experienced players probably have their own ideas.


Empire Earth 2 The Art Of Supremacy CD Key (7 Downloads

Minecraft server hack no survey see here. Keygen is short for Key Generator. NeoEE Patch for Empire Earth 1. 2. Realistic MOD for Empire Earth 2 AOS. Empire Earth 2 Art Of Supremacy Serial Code.

Hack empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy for Windows (2020

Savegame for Empire Earth 2: Art of Supremacy – The game done 100% – Complete all missions in the campaign for Egypt – Complete all missions in the campaign for Russia – Complete all missions in the campaign for Masai – For each campaign, you can choose any level of difficulty. Art of Supremacy was developed by Mad Doc Software, the makers of the Empire Earth II, and was re-released with Empire Earth II in the Empire Earth II: Platinum Edition. Free-form and multiplayer gamers can choose their factions from a wide selection. Minecraft full version cracked fonts top article.


Empire Earth 2.0 patch - Free download and software

Descargar cam hack samp. EMPIRE EARTH 2: THE ART OF SUPREMACY v1.0 [ALL] NO-CD/FIXED EXE (10.6MB) Search for related No-CD & No-DVD Patch. I just installed Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition on my new Windows 8 laptop, unfortunately the game is not working - it is keep minimizing after the splash screen and I'm unable to maximize it using alt+tab. Dil Chahta Hai Songs Pk. March 13, 2020.

Serial number empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy Download

Empire Earth 2 Free Download Full Version Posted by: Unknown Minggu, 30 Desember Empire Earth II, juga disebut EE2, adalah real-time strategy game lanjutan dari seri Empires Earth yang pernah saya posting sebelumnya, dikembangkan oleh Software Mad Doc dan diterbitkan oleh Vivendi Universal Games pada tanggal 26 April. Mobile anti lost software key useful link. Empire Earth II & Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy Hi, I have a problem with the inclusion of games Empire Earth II and Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy for Windows 10. Does anyone know how you can enable these games? From quests for independence or rises to power, to the Civil and Wold War, Empire Earth 2 will show you all the faces of ancient and modern warfare.

Empire Earth II The Art of Supremacy Free Download PC
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Cracked empire Earth 2 Patch Free Download

This Empire Earth II (the 1st part) contains: (only epoch 1 to 10) 07/23/13 by JorgeTx - 0: 0: KB: Empire Earth II Reloaded 1/2 IA Inspired by Empire Earth, Total War. Test your specs and rate your gaming PC. System requirements Lab runs millions of PC requirements tests on over 6, 000 games a month. Hard Drive: 2 GB free. In the box of the software someplace has the CD key written.

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  • EE2, EE2X - Empire Earth II - Unofficial Patch 1.4 (2020

Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy Review

Empire Earth II & Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy

Download Empire Earth 2.0 patch for Windows to update Empire Earth from version 1.04 to 2.0. Blog; Empire Earth 2 Art Of Supremacy Cd Crack. Found results for Valentin Software Pvsol Premium 7.5 R4. Xp media center crack.


Empire Earth 2 The Art Of Supremacy CD Key

Cracked steam download december 2020. Avast registration key 2020. Empire earth 2 art of supremacy full game free pc, download, designed by mediaevalgamesoc. Several more campaigns were also added, which focused on the Napoleonic Wars, Ancient Egypt and.

Empire Earth 2 The art of Supremacy Cheats

Empire earth 2 art of supremacy keygen. What are flags in Empire Earth Two The Art Of Supremacy? With graphical upgrades, new campaigns that span the ages, and mo. Zwiastun gry Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy.


Patch empire Earth II The Art Of Supremacy [Expansion Pack]

If you search a site for Empire Earth 2 The Art Of Supremacy CD Key Keygen, you may see the word "keygen" in the results which usually means your download includes a keygen. Tapeacall pro ipa cracked click this link here now.

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Marxism is Fundamentally Opposed to Christianity

Hello all. In light of recent discussions that I have had here along with the political state of the world, I think that it is of the utmost importance for me to demonstrate that at its core, Marxism is inherently antagonistic to the core values and beliefs of Christianity. The goal of this post is not to attack anyone personally but to educate and warn faithful Christians of all persuasions and denominations of the pervasive anti-Christian tenets, goals, practices, and ideologies of Marxism and prominent Marxist leaders, theorists, and thinkers.

First of All, What is Marxism?

At its core, beyond being an economic or political system, Marxism is a materialist ideology and interpretation of world history, conceptualizing all of history as class struggle. It is descriptive as well as prescriptive. It proposes that material conditions of the day, not the ideas of the great men and women of history. Marxism is an atheist ideology in its conception and practice. In a Marxist context, Jesus, his life, his ministry, and his sacrifice upon the cross would not be seen in the context of God sending his only begotten Son, who so loved us, He suffered the worse tortures and humiliations to save and redeem us. Instead, a Marxist sees Jesus as a failed revolutionary, a victim of a class struggle against the ruling powers, See Herzog, William R. Parables as subversive speech: Jesus as pedagogue of the oppressed. Westminster John Knox Press, 1994, pg. 104 or Moreland, Milton. "The Jesus Movement in the Villages of Roman Galilee." Oral Performance, Popular Tradition, and Hidden Transcript in Q 60 (2006): 159.. This understanding, so rooted in the world, so narrow in its concept, divorces all of the divinity from Christ, and steals the massive weight of His burden and undermines the enormity of His sacrifice.
Furthermore, Marx was a Hegelian, but he took Hegel's dialectic and rewrote it in, atheist, materialist terms, and rejected the idealism of Hegel.
"At the time of Hegel's death, he was the most prominent philosopher in Germany. His views were widely taught, and his students were highly regarded. His followers soon divided into right-wing and left-wing Hegelians. Theologically and politically the right-wing Hegelians offered a conservative interpretation of his work. They emphasized the compatibility between Hegel's philosophy and Christianity. Politically, they were orthodox. The left-wing Hegelians eventually moved to an atheistic position. In politics, many of them became revolutionaries. This historically important left-wing group included Ludwig Feuerbach, Bruno Bauer, Friedrich Engels, and Karl Marx. Engels and Marx were particularly influenced by Hegel's idea that history moves dialectically, but they replaced Hegel's philosophical idealism with materialism"
The Marxists of the Socialist Worker further flesh out Marx's view on Christianity
The most important point for Marx and Engels was that human beings created religion--so religious beliefs must have social causes.
In early societies, humans didn't yet have the means to understand the forces of nature. So they imagined that these forces had a conscious power--inventing human-like gods that governed the wind and the weather, the rivers, the stars and the earth. Modern religions like Christianity likewise contain stories designed to reconcile people to conditions that seem beyond their control.
With the rise of hierarchy and classes in human society, religion became the means for rulers to justify the system that they presided over--often, by declaring themselves gods, or at least in close communication with them. Thus, while Christianity first emerged as the religion of a persecuted minority, it was later transformed into the official ideology of the Roman Empire and numerous other societies since.
This is why the effect of religion is generally conservative, providing a justification for the status quo. But the appeal of religion for the have-nots in society isn't its conservatism, but the fact that it seems to be a solution to the suffering and oppression of this world--in a distant afterlife, but a solution nonetheless.
The only way that masses of people will reject the future imaginary solution offered by religion is if they see a real solution in the here and now--in the form of a struggle that challenges oppression and injustice.
At its best, Christianity to Marx and his disciples is a coping mechanism of the oppressed underclasses, something that may become obsolete after the introduction of Communism. At worst, however, it was something that was false, superstitious, reactionary, and must be destroyed, root and stem.

What do prominent Marxists have to say about Christianity?

To understand the anti-Christian sentiment inherent to Marxism, one need only let the worlds of prominent Marxists speak for themselves.
[Religion] is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness. To call on them to give up their illusions about their condition is to call on them to give up a condition that requires illusions. The criticism of religion is, therefore, in embryo, the criticism of that vale of tears of which religion is the halo.
-Karl Marx
when society, by taking possession of all means of production, and using them on a planned basis, has freed itself, and all its members, from the bondage in which they are now held, by these means of production, which they, themselves, have produced, but which confront them as an irresistible alien force, when, therefore, man no longer merely proposes, but also disposes — only then will the last alien force, which is still reflected in religion, vanish; and with it will also vanish the religious reflection itself, for the simple reason that then there will be nothing left to reflect
-Friedrich Engels
Lenin was especially anti-Christian in his views, and as will sadly be shown later, his deeds.
Atheism is a natural and inseparable part of Marxism, of the theory and practice of scientific socialism.
Religion is the opium of the people: this saying of Marx is the cornerstone of the entire ideology of Marxism about religion. All modern religions and churches, all and of every kind of religious organizations are always considered by Marxism as the organs of bourgeois reaction, used for the protection of the exploitation and the stupefaction of the working class.
-Vladimir Lenin
Lenin was particularly hateful of religion. The man didn't mince words:
“Religion is a sort of spiritual booze.”
“there is nothing more abominable than religion,”
“all worship of a divinity is a necrophilia.”
In their influential book The ABC of Communism, Nikolai Bukharin and Evgenii Preobrazhensky spoke out strongly against religion. They wrote:
"Communism is incompatible with religious faith"
This book was quite influential, described as "an elementary textbook of communist knowledge." It was among the most read books in the Soviet Union. (Cohen, Stephen F. (1980). Bukharin and the Bolshevik Revolution: A Political Biography, 1888-1938. Oxford University Press US. pp. 64–65.) And it is still viewed favorably by Marxists today, as shown in The Socialist Worker.
Bukharin and Preobrazhensky went on to criticize religion and Christianity by extension. They weren't as hateful of Christianity as Lenin, but still viewed it as a false dogma and ultimately sought to extinguish it:
But the campaign against the backwardness of the masses in this matter of religion, must be conducted with patience and considerateness, as well as with energy and perseverance. The credulous crowd is extremely sensitive to anything which hurts its feelings. To thrust atheism upon the masses, and in conjunction therewith to interfere forcibly with religious practices and to make mock of the objects of popular reverence, would not assist but would hinder the campaign against religion. If the church were to be persecuted, it would win sympathy among the masses, for persecution would remind them of the almost forgotten days when there was an association between religion and the defence of national freedom; it would strengthen the antisemitic movement; and in general it would mobilize all the vestiges of an ideology which is already beginning to die out.

The Fruits of Communism

Matthew 7:15-20 is one of the most important passages in the bible, a dire warning from Christ himself. We are warned of false prophets, wolves in sheep's clothing. And how we know a true prophet from false is by their fruits, for a bad tree bears bad fruit.
Marx certainly bears striking resemblance to a prophet. He warns of the imminent collapse of society, the rising, apocalyptic tide of the proletariat destroying the bourgeois for their many sins in a epic battle of the coming world-wide class war as relevatory as Armageddon or Ragnarok. He promises a paradise on Earth that will last forever, a classless, stateless society, an era of justice and peace for all, the end of history. But the poison fruits of communism show that this promise is not to be. Marx is a false prophet, while his ideology promises to deliver heaven, Marxism, time and again brings hell on earth.

Persecution of Christians in the Soviet Union

Russia was the first country to fall under the yoke of Marxism and to have its people enslaved by its ideology. Seizing upon the weakness of a country devastated by years of war, with starving people and unpopular monarchy, Marxist revolutionaries launched a civil war. They launched the Red Terror, a brutal campaign of atrocities and reprisals against their perceived enemies to cement their power. Not even supposed allies of Marxism were safe; peasants who were forcibly conscripted into the Red Army who deserted and factory workers who went on strike were brutally executed by the infant Marxist regime. Werth, Bartosek et al. Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression.(1999), Chapter 4: The Red Terror. But particularly egregious were their actions towards Christians, simply for their profession of faith.
In the Soviet Union, tens of thousands of churches were destroyed or converted to other uses, and many members of the clergy were murdered, publicly executed and imprisoned for what the government termed "anti-government activities." An extensive educational and propaganda campaign was launched in order to convince people, especially children and youths, to abandon their religious beliefs. This persecution resulted in the intentional murder of 500,000 Orthodox followers by the government of the Soviet Union during the 20th century. See World Christian trends, AD 30-AD 2200, pp. 230–246 Tables 4–5 & 4–10 By David B. Barrett, Todd M. Johnson, Christopher R. Guidry, Peter F. Crossing (NOTE: They define 'martyr' on p235 as only including Christians killed for faith and excluding other Christians killed)
State atheism was instituted, church property was seized. It became illegal to even question the doctrine of atheism under threat of imprisonment. Froese, Paul (6 August 2008). The Plot to Kill God: Findings from the Soviet Experiment in Secularization. University of California Press. p. 122. Children were made to inform on their parents if they practiced religion at home. See Ramet, Sabrina P. (1990). Catholicism and Politics in Communist Societies. Duke University Press. pp. 232–33.
Along with execution, some other actions against Orthodox priests and believers included torture, being sent to prison camps, labour camps or mental hospitals. In the first five years after the Bolshevik revolution, 28 bishops and 1,200 priests were executed. In the period between 1927 and 1940, the number of Orthodox Churches in the Russian Republic fell from 29,584 to less than 500. Between 1917 and 1940, 130,000 Orthodox priests were arrested.

War on the Clergy

The exceptional cruelty of the Bolsheviks' actions, methods, and goals were especially sickening and best demonstrates how much they hated Christianity. To see the extents the nascent Marxist state would go to during the civil war and its early administration to see the complete eradication of the Orthodox church as an institution, and the crimes committed against the clergy and laity, we must turn to Dimitry V. Pospielovsky. "A History of Soviet Atheism in Theory, and Practice, and the Believer", vol 2: A History of Marxist-Leninist Atheism and Soviet Anti-Religious Policies, St Martin's Press, New York (1988).
Metropolitan Vladimir (Bogoyavlensky) of Kiev was the first bishop martyred by the Bolsheviks on January 25, 1918. Unfortunately, he will be far from the last. He had consistently opposed the revolution, and he was severely beaten as well as tortured before being shot outside the Monastery of the Caves. Before being shot by his murderers, in a exceptionally Christian manner, he prayed to God for them to be forgiven (pg. 9-10). In the Don region in February 1918 the Reds were killing every priest they could find. (pg. 10) An 80-year-old monk-priest named Amvrosi was beaten with rifle butts before being killed. A priest named Dimitri was brought to a cemetery and undressed, but when he tried to make the sign of the cross before being killed, a soldier chopped off his right arm. An old priest who tried to stop the execution of a peasant was beaten and cut to pieces with swords. In the Holy Saviour Monastery, Red soldiers arrested and killed the 75-year-old abbot by scalping him and beheading him. In the Kherson province a priest was crucified. (pg. 10-11).
Bishop Hermogenes (Dolganyov) of Tobolsk, was killed along with other detainees on 16 June 1918 by drowning. He had organized a religious procession the day after the Tsar had come through Tobolsk on their way to Ekaterinburg (April 28), in which he blessed the Royal family. He was arrested the following week and the Soviets promised to release him for 10,000 roubles, and later 100,000 roubles. When the ransom was collected and submitted, the delegation of notables and clergy that had delivered it were arrested as well and later executed. (pg. 2-3). In Voronezh, seven nuns who had prayed for a White victory in the civil war were reportedly boiled in a cauldron of tar (pg. 11). In Crimea, one priest named Ugliansky was killed by Red forces on grounds that he used green ribbons instead of red ribbons on the church icon lamps. Churches in Simferopol, Feodosia and other parts of the region were desecrated and their clergy were brutally murdered (pg. 3).
Filosof Ornatsky, a priest in Petrograd, was arrested in the spring of 1918 after giving a public requiem for victims of the Bolsheviks. He and thirty-two others were driven to a cliff overlooking the Gulf of Finland, where the priest was allowed to perform a brief funeral service and bless the victims, before they were all shot and dropped into the sea. Archpriest John Vostorgov in Moscow, a famous Orthodox missionary and church activist, preached against the Bolsheviks and as a result he was blackmailed by the Bolsheviks, arrested and executed. He was executed along with Roman Catholic priest Lutoslawski and his brother, two tsarist ministers (N. Maklakov and Alexei Khvostov), an Orthodox bishop Efren, former State Council Chairman Ivan Shcheglovitov and Senator S. Beletsky. Fr Vostorgov conducted a short funeral service and preached to his victims to face death as a sacrifice of atonement, after which each victim came forward to be blessed by Fr Vostorgov and the Bishop; then they were shot. (pg. 3-4)
During the Red occupation of Stavropol diocese in 1918, the Bolsheviks killed at least 52 Orthodox priests, four deacons and four lectors. Priest Alexander Podolsky was tortured and killed for giving a Te Deum service for a Cossack regiment before it attacked the Bolsheviks. When a peasant came to collect his body, the peasant was shot dead on the spot. Fr Alexei Miliutinsky was tortured, scalped and killed for preaching to Red army soldiers that they were leading Russia to disaster and for offering prayers for the Cossacks. Not even left-wing priests were safe, such as Ivan Prigorsky who was taken out of church on Holy Saturday into the street, where Red soldiers cursed him, mutilated his face and then killed him (pg. 5).
Bishop Leontius (von Wimpffen) was murdered along with most of the diocesan clergy in 1919 after he made a sermon that quoted Jesus' words "I was naked and you have clothed me, I was ill and you looked after me" and this quotation was interpreted as an attack against the Bolsheviks (pg. 8).
Bishop Macarius (Gnevushev) of Vyazma, who was beloved by the local population, was arrested as a result of his popularity in the summer of 1918. He was executed along with fourteen others in a field near Smolensk, whom he ministered and attempted to comfort with blessings before their execution. One of the soldiers who executed him afterward confessed on his deathbed that he had killed a saint (pg. 7).
Lenin's decree on the separation of church and state on January 23, 1918 deprived the formerly official church of its status of legal person, the right to own property or to teach religion in both state and private schools or to any group of minors. This order to seize property was carried out with ruthless violence by Red soldiers. They often opened fire on crowds that surrounded churches in an attempt to defend them and on religious processions in protest against Church persecution. Thousands were killed in this way, especially in the spring of 1918. Shooting down of religious processions are well documented in Voronezh, Shatsk (Tambov province), and Tula (where thirteen were killed and many wounded, including Bishop Kornilii) (pg. 12).
In Moscow over 400 churches and monasteries were dynamited, including the famous Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. (Haskins, Ekaterina V. "Russia's post-communist past: the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the re-imagining of national identity." History and Memory: Studies in Representation of the Past 21.1 (2009)).

Suppression of Miracles

For a supposedly atheist state, the Soviet Union was terrified of miracles and did everything in their power to disprove them. Believers could also be arrested in association with claiming or honoring miracles. Miracles needed to be suppressed in the eyes of the state due to their contradiction of the atheism of the official state ideology. However, it was not yet legal to prosecute people simply for making such claims (it would become so in 1929), so the miracle claims were prosecuted instead under the pretext that they were acts of resistance meant to strengthen believers in their resistance to hold on to church valuables. The government issued a decree on March 1, 1919, regarding "the complete liquidation of the cult of corpses and mummies", which ordered the public exposure of saints' relics in order to show them to be frauds (to counter the belief that the saints' bodies were miraculously preserved). In 1918 there were even calls to outlaw the sacrament of the Eucharist on account of its miraculous transformation as believed by Orthodox and Catholic Christians Letters from Moscow, Gleb Yakunin and Lev Regelson
However, the bungling Soviet state often undermined its own goals and at times the persecutions drove people into the arms of the church as Bukharin feared. The body of St Sergius of Radonezh was exhumed and declared as fraudulent. The Soviet media eagerly spread this news that there was nothing but rotten bones and dust in his shrine. Revolution and the Church wrote: "Believers no longer weep, don't fall into fits of hysteria, and don't hold a grudge against the Soviet government anymore. They see there has been no blasphemy… Only an age-old fraud has been made naked in the eyes of the nation." (Pospielovsky pg. 19). From the St Sergius-Trinity Monastery where these relics came from, an entirely different story was circulated that when the relics were exposed it was found that the saint's body was in excellent condition (he had lived in the 14th century), and when the crowd of believers that had come there saw this they fell on their knees in prayer, while the Bolshevik commander was pulled off his horse and beaten by the crowd. A similar event occurred in the city of Vladimir when the relics of two saints were exposed and the doctor who had acted as medical state witness reconfirmed his faith according to his own testimony. (pg. 20).
The Sretenskaia church at the Sennoi marketplace in Kiev had two gold-plated domes that had for been completely tarnished after many years. These domes experienced a similar renovations one day when light shone so brightly from the domes that it was at first thought to be on fire, and a huge crowd gathered to see it with an atmosphere of religious euphoria. The light reportedly moved in patches around the dome for three days as they were progressively "renovated". The local communist newspaper then printed two articles, one of them signed by members of the Academy of Sciences, which stated that the phenomenon was caused by a rare air wave containing a peculiar electric discharge. A witness claimed it later became known that the GPU had forced the Academy to say this, and that there were other gold-plated things in the area that were not similarly renovated. Several months later the church was dynamited by government authorities. (pg. 21-22)
One of the most famous of these supposed miracles occurred in the village of Kalinovka near Vinnitsa in the Ukraine. A detachment of mounted police had come to the village in order to close the local church, but they were met by hostile crowds. The crowds were too big for the police to force their way through and so they retreated. Not far from the church, however, there was a traditional Crucifix standing at a crossroads, and the policemen in frustration fired at the crucifix. One of the bullets hit the crucifix in Christ's side and suddenly blood gushed out of the hole reportedly. One of the policemen lost control of himself and fell off his horse, while the others took off. The crowd went on its knees and prayed in front of the bleeding crucifix. The news spread and thousands of people came to see it. The blood reportedly kept running out for several days. Soon after more police came with orders to hack down the crucifix but each time they returned in failure under the claim that some force was preventing them from approaching it. The local communist press tried to explain the phenomena by claiming that there had been an accumulation of water in the wooden cross behind the metallic figure, and that once the bullet hit the metal, the water, which had turned red from the metal's rust, must have seeped through. The crowds brought crosses with them that they set up beside it, prayed before it and dipped cloths in the miraculous blood. For days and nights they sang hymns as well as burned candles. Priests were absent in fear. Many atheists reportedly converted after seeing this. (pg. 22-23) At the very first opportunity the Soviets destroyed the bleeding Crucifix and all adjacent crosses. It was later claimed that a commission of experts had reported that the fluid coming out of the bullet hole was not blood. The people who had gathered there that day were later depicted as drunkards, fools and scum, and it was claimed that the kissing of the Crucifix had resulted in an outbreak of syphilis as well as mass robberies (pg. 23).
As you can see, Marx's first daughter, the Soviet Union brutally suppressed Christianity and the rights, property, liberty, and lives of all of the faithful, as at its core, Christianity challenges Marxism's need for sole authoritarian supremacy in every facet of life where it holds sway. However, as brutal as the atrocities were in the Soviet Union, they did little to stem the flow of this toxic anti-Christian ideology across the globe.

Terror in Spain

By no means do I want anyone to believe that Marxism is monolithic. In fact, Marxists brutally quarrel with themselves almost as badly as they do their enemies. In the modern era, the Soviet Union has lost a great deal of popularity since its collapse. Many Marxists are wont to claim that the regime that arose in the USSR "wasn't true communism". I am not here to argue what true communism is. But what I am going to demonstrate is that whatever the flavor of Marxism, it is brutally anti-Christian and will suppress Christianity whenever it is able.
Noam Chomsky is a prominent left-wing academic, one of the most cited people in all of academia in fact He is also a leading supporter of the "anarchist" faction in the Spanish civil war and their short lived "stateless society." And while these "anarchists" were opposed to the particular flavor of Marxism in practice in the Soviet Union, they committed the same brutal atrocities against Christians because of their faith.
Atrocities were committed by "by sections of nearly all the leftist groups" Payne, Stanley G. A History of Spain and Portugal, Vol. 2, Ch. 26, p. 650 (Print Edition: University of Wisconsin Press, 1973) and Beevor, Antony (2006), The Battle For Spain; The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939, p. 81 Weidenfeld & Nicolson.
The violence consisted of the killing of tens of thousands of people (including 6,832 Roman Catholic priests) as well as the desecration and burning of monasteries and churches. (Cueva, Julio de la (1998), "Religious Persecution, Anticlerical Tradition and Revolution: On Atrocities against the Clergy during the Spanish Civil War", Journal of Contemporary History, XXXIII (3): 355–369, JSTOR 261121)
The failed coup of July 1936 set loose a violent onslaught on those that revolutionaries in the Republican zone identified as enemies; "where the rebellion failed, for several months afterwards merely to be identified as a priest, a religious or simply a militant Christian or member of some apostolic or pious organization, was enough for a person to be executed without trial". (Hilari Raguer, Gunpowder and Incense, p. 115)
According to Julio de la Cueva, the toll of the Spanish Red Terror was 72,344 lives.


Mexican President Plutarco Elías Calles was another flavor of Marxist that oppressed the rights of Christians. While he did not consider himself a Marxist, he had close relations with the Soviet Union, where Mexico hosted its first foreign embassy. When the Soviet Union opened its first embassy in Mexico, the Soviet ambassador remarked that "no other two countries show more similarities than the Soviet Union and Mexico". The Mexican government's campaign against the Catholic Church after the Mexican Revolution culminated in the 1917 constitution which contained numerous articles which Catholics perceived as violating their civil rights: outlawing monastic religious orders, forbidding public worship outside of church buildings, restricted religious organizations' rights to own property, and taking away basic civil rights of members of the clergy (priests and religious leaders were prevented from wearing their habits, were denied the right to vote, and were not permitted to comment on public affairs in the press and were denied the right to trial for violation of anticlerical laws). This all culminated in the Cristero War where Christians took up arms against the government.

Red China

During the Cultural Revolution, a crime against humanity in and of itself, Christian churches, monasteries, and cemeteries were closed down and sometimes converted to other uses, looted, and destroyed..
The persecution continues in modern times. The Chinese Communist Party and government try to maintain tight control over all religions, so the only legal Christian Churches (Three-Self Patriotic Movement and Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association) are those under the Communist Party of China control. Churches which are not controlled by the government are shut down, and their members are imprisoned. Gong Shengliang, head of the South China Church, was sentenced to death in 2001. Although his sentence was commuted to a jail sentence, Amnesty International reports that he has been tortured. A Christian lobby group says that about 300 Christians caught attending unregistered house churches were in jail in 2004.
In January 2016, a prominent Christian church leader Rev Gu Yuese who criticised the mass removal of church crucifixes by the government was arrested for "embezzling funds". Chinese authorities have taken down hundreds of crosses in Zhejiang Province known as "China's bible belt". Gu led China's largest authorised church with capacity of 5,000 in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang.
The Associated Press reported in 2018 that China's leader and Communist Party general secretary Xi Jinping "is waging the most severe systematic suppression of Christianity in the country since religious freedom was written into the Chinese constitution in 1982.", which has involved "destroying crosses, burning bibles, shutting churches and ordering followers to sign papers renouncing their faith". A Catholic church was forced to replace a painting of the Virgin Mary and religious couplets with portraits of Xi Jinping and Mao Zedong replaced them

North Korea

North Korea's Juche state is yet another permutation of Marxist ideology, and North Korea is yet another Atheist state. By its very authoritarian nature, it is difficult to even get information out of North Korea. However, it is listed as the country with the most Christian persecution in the entire world by Open Doors, a non-denominational mission supporting persecuted Christians in over 70 countries. It is currently estimated that more than 50,000 Christians are locked inside concentration camps because of their faith, where they are systematically subjected to mistreatment such as unrestrained torture, mass-starvation and even imprisonment and death by asphyxiation in gas chambers.. This means that 20% of North Korea's Christian community lives in concentration camps.. According to one report at least 200,000 Christians have gone missing since 1953

Poisonous Fruit

As you can see, the fruits of Marxism are poison. The promises of a better world are replaced with the reality of constant persecution for your faith. I could go on and on with more examples but will hit the character limit. All you need to know is that their crimes are so common that Wikipedia needed to have a disambiguation page for Red Terror).
You might think that the only threat of Marxism poses to Christianity is when it gains state power. To an extent that is true in that the greatest atrocities are only possible when complete authoritarian control is assumed. However, Marxists seek to destroy the Christian way of life however possible, whether by force of arms or death by a thousand cuts. Even in a liberal democracy like America, with freedom of speech and religion enshrined in the constitution, Christianity is always under threat. Marxists in America today are tearing down Christian statues all across the country. Statues of Junipero Serra, a canonized Saint are being torn down. Protesters tried to tear down a statue of King Louis IX, commonly known to the rest of us as St. Louis, in the city that bears his name Shaun King, affiliated with the BLM movement, itself founded by self admitted "trained Marxists" wants to destroy all Christian art with the "white" Jesus and Mary. Statues of the blessed virgin have been desecrated. Recently churches have been burned to the ground and desecrated by these rioters, including the 249-year-old San Gabriel Mission in California. Historical St. John's church, an Episcopalian church in Washington DC was burnt down.
Marxists, academics, politicians, and activists say and push for plenty of anti-Christian things, and often try to use the state to do it. From abolishing the nuclear family, banning homeschooling used by many Christian parents, banning private schools entirely, from hate speech laws that make it a crime to criticize Mohammed where such protections would never apply to Jesus, taxing property returned to churches after it was stolen by communists, from taxing churches if they oppose gay marriage while other left wing non profits and NGOs would be immune, from having courts take children away from parents who 'misgender' them or refuse to consent to hormone therapy. Whatever your views are on these political topics, there is a concerted authoritarian effort to prevent Christians from practicing their faith how they see fit.

What Christianity Says about Marxism

Now that you know what prominent Marxists say and think about Christianity, and the horrible atrocities they commit on Christians, it is also important to know what Christianity says about Marxism.
The Catholic Church, the largest Christian denomination in the world, specifically declared in the Decree Against Communism that Catholics who professed Communist doctrine to be excommunicated as apostates from the Christian faith. Similar proclamations against Communism were made in Divini Redemptoris (1937) Nostis et nobiscum (1849), Quanta cura (1864), and Rerum novarum (1891).
The Orthodox Church anathematized communists after suffering such brutal calamities in the Red Terror. The Patriarch of Russia stated:
Christ’s precept to love our neighbor is forgotten and trampled tinder foot. Every day we learn that innocent people, not excluding those lying sick in bed, are being frightfully and brutally murdered for the sole offense that they have honestly discharged their duty to the country and have devoted all their energies to serve the welfare of the people. These crimes are committed … in broad daylight with unprecedented effrontery and outrageous brutality … in almost every city of our native land …
These crimes fill our heart with deep sorrow and compel us to denounce sharply these monsters of the human race … in accordance with the precept of the Holy Apostle: “Them that sin reprove in the sight of all, that the rest also may be in fear.” (I Tim. 5: 20.)
Think what you are doing, you madmen! Stop your bloody reprisals. Your acts are not merely cruel, they are the works of Satan for which you will burn in Hell fire in the life hereafter and be cursed by future generations in this life.
By the authority given me by God I forbid you to partake of the Christian Mysteries. I anathematize you if you still bear a Christian name and belong by birth to the Orthodox Church.
And you, faithful children of the Orthodox Christian Church, I beseech you to have nothing to do with this scourge of the human race: “Put away the wicked man from among yourselves.” (I Corinthians 5: 13.).
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