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5.1 Surround Sound test files various formats AAC, AC3, MP4

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Wwii Battle Tanks T 34 Vs Tiger German

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Activity 2: Huffman Coding PLEASE HELP ME: '(( Cre

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[MegaThread] COVID and Testing/Quarantine

Many of you have participated in the free surveillance testing for asymptomatic students, faculty and staff that Georgia Tech is offering. The testing continues to be available, and we are suggesting that all students, faculty, and staff get tested weekly. In addition, Georgia Tech is offering a variety of free diagnostic testing for students, faculty and staff.

You can learn more about how and where to get tested here.

But then what? After you go through testing, how will you be notified about your test results? Or, if you want to better understand the health of the community, where should you look?

Notifications to Individuals Who Have Participated in Surveillance Testing

The surveillance testing in Georgia Tech’s CLIA-certified lab relies on a pooled testing approach that combines samples from multiple individuals and tests them as a group. Pooled testing is known to dramatically increase the number of community members that can be sampled with a single coronavirus test.
All individuals who participate in the surveillance testing program will receive a notification that they are either recommended or not recommended for a follow-up diagnostic test. Please add [email protected] to your address book or email contacts list to avoid notifications being incorrectly filtered as spam.
Those individuals who are recommended for a follow-up diagnostic test will receive a notification that the lab intends to use the sample they already provided. In some cases, an individual may be asked to return to a collection site to provide a new sample which will be used for the follow-up diagnostic test. Results from the diagnostic test will be communicated to the individual by Stamps Health Services.
Testing for students with Covid-19 symptoms is already available at Stamps Health Services at no cost, and that will continue. Symptomatic employees are asked to make an appointment with their primary care providers or refer to the state’s information resource for testing.
Other testing sites for symptomatic employees include their physician or the option of free testing at the Fulton County walk-up site to be located at the McCamish Pavilion parking lot on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning August 18 and continuing through September 10.
Positive results using any of these diagnostic tests will be collected through Stamps Health Services. If a person received a test at Stamps or through the CLIA-certified surveillance testing, that will happen automatically. If a person received a test and results from another testing site, we ask that individual to report it via the online form at c.gatech.edu/covid19reporting.

Tracking Positive Results for the Campus Community

Notifications of confirmed cases of Covid-19 at Georgia Tech among students, faculty and staff are reported on a daily basis on the Georgia Tech Covid-19 Health and Exposure Alert Page.
As of Thursday, under the surveillance testing program 12 cases have been recommended for follow up diagnostic testing out of 1,800 tests. Aggregate data on the surveillance testing program will be available online in the next few days.

Optional Exposure Notification App

Tech has begun using NOVID, an exposure notification app that will help students, staff, and faculty be anonymously notified if they have potentially been exposed to Covid-19. Use of the app is voluntary, and it is available at no cost to members of the Georgia Tech community. Information about the app is available from the Covid Central portal.
NOVID captures no personally identifiable information from users. Instead, smartphones running the app exchange synthetic codes with other smartphones that are nearby for more than a brief period of time. If the owner of one of the phones tests positive for the virus, they can notify other app users who they have been in contact with, without identifying themselves or sharing any personal information.
In a large community, exposure notification apps can fill in the gaps by finding individuals who might have been close enough to be exposed to the virus but not known to the individual with a positive test result. These scenarios could include, for instance, someone working nearby in a makerspace or lab — or working out on nearby equipment at the gym.
Installed on an iOS or Android smartphone, the app exchanges information with other phones also running the app. It records a frequently changing code to other devices so they can be alerted if necessary — but without sharing any personally identifiable information. Pairs of code interactions are stored on the NOVID server for a limited period of time.
NOVID leverages a combination of ultrasound and Bluetooth technology to note other devices that are within 6 feet, and only if they remain that close for 15 minutes or more. By briefly using the device’s microphone and measuring the time sound takes to travel, ultrasound can accurately measure the distance between devices. It does not record phones that may be nearby but on the other side of a wall, preventing notifications that may not truly involve exposure risk.
If a student receives a positive Covid-19 test at Stamps Health Services, they will be given a one-time code that they can enter into the app, which will send a notification to other phones the app has recorded as potential exposures. Community members who have received positive tests elsewhere on campus or off campus are required, as part of public health regulations, to report this to Stamps Health Services. They will also receive an app notification code after they have contacted Stamps.
Persons being warned through NOVID of a potential exposure will be encouraged to isolate themselves, monitor for symptoms, and be tested for the virus. The app will provide directions for how to contact relevant campus services when alerting a user that they have potentially been exposed.
Researchers from the Georgia Tech Research Institute’s Software Assurance Branch have evaluated NOVID for privacy protections to make sure it doesn’t record personal information that could identify users — and for cybersecurity issues to make sure it protects the device.
NOVID can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store or Android’s Google Play Store. Georgia Tech community members should enter the community code "JACKETS" on the NOVID settings.

Tech Moving Forward

We will continue to update you each time we enhance notification and contact tracing protocols in conjunction with the Georgia Department of Public Health. In the meantime, you can find information about this topic and all other Covid-19 campus guidelines and communications on the Tech Moving Forward website.
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Why does PyCharm keep rerunning the tests in the single pytest file?

I am using PyCharm IDE with pytest installed.
I have 3 pytest files in my project:
test_pytest.py has mytest and mytest2 methods
test_pytest2.py has test1, test2, mytest3, and test3 methods
test_new.py has x1 and x2 methods
I created run configuration with pytest under Python tests.
I opened Terminal in PyCharm and typed the command:
1) pytest - this ran all pytest files
2) python -m pytest -k test_pytest.py - this ran all tests in the single file
3) pytest -k "mytest" - this ran all methods in all files starting with mytest
4) Now, I wanted to run all pytest files.
I am running into problem: PyCharm always run the tests in test_pytest2.py file. If I type different filename or click run or type pytest, the PyCharm always run the tests from this file. I can't figure out why.
Where do I clear PyCharm PyTest settings to run in just one file?
Thank You
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