Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome - Guide and

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Retro Gamer – Back To 1983 by Leandro Gado

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Download my Browser Bar redirecting internet pages please help

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Slow bootup, won't wake up from sleep - Virus, Trojan

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Performance Slowdown and dllhost

Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome - Walkthrough. Dead island able hacks. Extract File Archive #1 to the game directory - Overwriting existing files!

Pacman -Syu Problem (libgpod) / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux
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Geek House 10 Hardware Hacking Projects for Around Home

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Toy Defense 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the multi-million-download tower defense hit Toy Defense! It loves to redirect my browsers [Firefox, Chrome, IE] to this [HOST] link and then it quickly redirects me to another site.

  • Constantly restating dllhost.exe - Virus, Trojan, Spyware
  • Internet Explorer popup Mebroot trojan [Solved]
  • Solved: Search Settings 1.2.2 among other things
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  • Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome
  • [Version 2.7.0] C++ Calc now supports the Banhammer Overlord
  • Additional scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64
  • DistroWatch.com: Arch Linux

Diepkart is bac

Nah jk, not the real diepkart, but tag trolling. A whiles ago I started tag trolling (aka being the last one and running running) inspired by Corrupt X with the nickname 'Diepkart'. I stopped the trolling for a while since I had to do other stuff and I started again today with the name 'diepkart is bac' and the creatively named 'diepkart alt'. I also devised a new method of trolling. Let me explain.
I use two tabs (thus the diepkart alt). At first I use the first tab to farm up to overlord. I switched to firefox so I need all the achievements including the overseer 100 times. Drone classes are easy to get kills (at least in tag) so I'm able to get Overlord fast. Then I just move around killing people until my team is dominating. Then I suicide into someone on the weaker teams.
On the other tab I join the same server. This isn't hard since there's only one tag server for each region (at least for singapore, the region i play in, its like that) I help the dominating team destroy all remaining tanks until there's only 3-5 left, then I rejoin on the other tab at level 22, ram into someone and get level 30 triangle. And thus the diepkart begins
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IAmA member of the Mozilla Webdev Team, AMA

We are Web developers who are responsible for the development of most of Mozilla's web sites, including addons.mozilla.org, mozilla.org, support.mozilla.org, Mozilla Developer Network, etc.
All in all, Mozilla has well over 100 websites, from small internal tools over low-traffic campaigns with "only" a few thousand visitors a day to our largest applications serving several hundred million visitors a month, along with billions of API calls. Almost all of our websites are localizable, and some of them are translated into over 30 languages.
All of our code is open source (much of it is on github), and patches are always welcome!
Who we are (in no particular order):
  • Osmose1000 - Michael Kelly, Web Developer
  • the_potch - Matthew Claypotch, Web Developer
  • lonelyvegan - Matthew Riley MacPherson, Web Developer
  • tallowen - Owen Coutts, Web Developer (Intern)
  • fwenzel - Fred Wenzel, Web Development Manager (Rapid Dev)
  • jlongster - James Long, Web Developer
  • lauraxt - Laura Thomson, Web Development Manager (Webtools)
  • washort - Allen Short, Web Developer
  • ossreleasefeed - Schalk Neethling, Web Developer
  • clouserw - Wil Clouser, Web Development Manager (Add-ons)
  • itsucharo - James Socol, Web Development Manager (Community Platforms)
  • kumar303 - Kumar McMillan, Web Developer
  • gkoberger - Greg Koberger, Product Manager (Add-ons)
  • ozten - Austin King, Sr. Web Developer
  • erikrose - Erik Rose, Web Developer
  • rik24d - Anthony Ricaud, Web Developer
  • nigelbabu - Nigel Babu, Webdev Community Contributor
  • willkg - Will Kahn-Greene, Web Developer (SUMO)
  • r1cky - Ricky Rosario, Web Developer
  • groovecoder - Luke Crouch, Web Developer
  • cyclonus - Dave Dash, Web Enveloper
  • lmorchard - Les Orchard, Sr. Web Developer
  • Boozeniges - Ross Bruniges, Web Developer (Mozilla Foundation)
  • peterbe - Peter Bengtsson, Web Developer (Webtools)
  • formnull - Rob Helmer, Web Developer (Webtools)
  • pmclanahan - Paul McLanahan, Web Developer
  • ednapiranha - Edna Piranha, Web Developer
  • marlenac - Marlena Compton, Web QA Engineer
  • morgamic - Mike Morgan, Cruel Overlord
  • mbrandt - Matt Brandt, Web QA Engineer
We are Webdevs at Mozilla, Ask Us Anything!
In case you have any doubts, here is proof, it's really us!
EDIT: We work on Mozilla websites and don't have a lot of information on when a feature will land or work in Firefox.
EDIT: "How do you make money?" is an obvious and frequent question. Don't ask it again. Instead, check out this answer.
EDIT: The list above has our Reddit usernames. We're answering tons of questions! Look out for these people in the comments. Some of us also have "Mozilla Web Developer" flair thanks to the reddit mods.
CLOSING: 17 hours, 772 upvotes, and 1070 comments later, we're closing the AMA! Thank you everyone for all your questions and upvotes! :-)
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