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Healers - What are they good for and which one is for you?

I have a MOBA history as a healer main and it is one of my favourite things to do. Seeing big green numbers pop up on screen brings me joy. As such, I looked into what it means to have a Healer on your team in Genshin, and I hope to give some insight into which one you should choose for your team, based on their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how easy it is to access the character.
Barb is a good starting point for anyone. She is, so to speak, the "standard healer". Also, if you joined the game early and reached AR20, you should have her for free. As for her healing, it scales off her HP, and her first constellation doesn't affect it.
Healing Abilities:
  1. Let the Show Begin passive healing: This heals 4 times at regular intervals for the duration of her Elemental Skill. The first heal is always on Barbara, so arguably only 3 of them count towards the effective healing of your team. The continuous regeneration is 4% Max HP + 385, which means a total of 12% Max HP + 1155 every 32s.
  2. Let the Show Begin basic attack healing: While the Melody Loop is active, she heals all party members for 0.75% Max HP + 72 per hit, so 3% Max HP + 288 per 4-attack combo. Tested in game, she can complete 7 combos before the Melody Loop times out. To account for interruptions/dodging and other animations, let's assume only 6. This means means she heals 18% Max HP + 1728 every 32s through basic attacks. (Note: she can manage 8 Charged attacks during Melody Loop - considering a Charged attack heals as much as 4 normal attacks, and it also consumes Stamina, it is safe to assume she can manage 6 Charged attacks/Combos during the average Loop. As such, Charged Attacks and Combos are roughly the same in effectiveness).
  3. Shining Miracle: Instantly Heals 17.6% Max HP + 1694 for every member in the party. 20s cd, 80 energy.
- Barbara has 3 different ways to heal which makes her very versatile.
- She has Passive healing to use during exploration, as well as during combat when you'd rather swap out and deal damage than use her basic attacks (perhaps due to time challenges).
- She has very high burst healing through Shining Miracle.
- Her Melody Loop makes enemies Wet, for elemental reactions.
- It is possible to prolong the duration of the Melody Loop through her second passive, which means more healing. Her first passive also decreases stamina consumption which is always useful.
- Her Melody Loop also makes the character in use Wet, which means you can very easily be frozen.
- She provides no damage and very little support otherwise (mainly through Wet). Swapping to Barbara in order to heal tops up the whole party, but is otherwise a waste of time, and swapping out provides no additional bonuses (Note: The Catalyst Thrilling tales of Dragon Slayers alleviates this issue slightly).
- Her Elemental Burst is very hard to charge, since her Melody Loop doesn't provide energy and double hydro parties aren't common.
Noelle comes in second in terms of "basic healers". You are more likely to have her than Barbara since she comes guaranteed in Novice Wishes. In fact, she might as well be considered "free-to-play". Her healing scales off of her DEF, and while she provides smaller numbers, she has other benefits that give her flavour beyond just "healbot". Also to note, Noelle's healing is greatly boosted by her first constellation, which isn't true for Barbara.
Healing Abilities:
  1. Breastplate basic attack healing: While Breastplate is active, Noelle's basic attacks have a 50% chance to heal every party member for 21.3% DEF + 103 per enemy hit by her basic attacks. On top of this, with C1, the chance becomes 100% while Breastplate and Sweeping Time are active simultaneously. She can manage 12 basic attacks during a Breastplate (3 full combos), or 11 instances of damage through her charged attack. At 12 attacks, she heals a total of 255% DEF + 1236 every 24s.
- While Breastplate is the only way to heal with Noelle, it also provides a shield that absorbs 160% DEF + 770 damage. You could activate this then swap in case you want to mitigate some damage, but the character doesn't need additional healing.
- Unlike Barbara, healing with Noelle means you also deal a fair amount of AoE damage, especially while Sweeping Time is active.
- Because she is Geo, she also mitigates damage through Crystallise.
- Noelle's first passive provides a shield that can absorb 400% DEF of damage whenever any character in the party falls below 30% health.
- Her second passive can reduce the cooldown of Breastplate, resulting in more healing.
- No passive healing. The only way she can heal is during combat, and in particular while she fights enemies.
- While Noelle's attacks do AoE damage, the healing only applies once per hit as far as I'm aware. I haven't managed to have it proc twice in one basic attack or spin.
- No reaction damage when swapping to or from Noelle due to Geo element.
- No burst healing. There is no "panic button" to press in a pinch that instantly provides health to your other characters. This is somewhat mitigated by Devotion, her first passive.
Qiqi is the first 5-star on the list and arguably the best healer of them all. Her healing scales off of ATK, which means she will also deal considerable damage when she is on the field. Thankfully, her first constellation doesn't affect healing whatsoever.
Healing Abilities:
  1. Herald of Frost passive healing: In many ways, Qiqi is a stronger version of Barbara. Similar to her Melody Loop, Herald of Frost heals 4 times - once Qiqi on activation, and then any active character at regular intervals for 69.6% ATK + 451. This means a total of 208.8% ATK + 1353 passive healing every 30s.
  2. Herald of Frost basic attack healing: This is also similar to Barbara's basic attack healing. It heals for 10.56% ATK+ 67 per hit. Qiqi manages 6 attack combos exactly, so we'll assume 5 to account for interruptions/dashing/etc. Also, her 2nd and 4th attacks in a combo strike twice, and she does in fact heal for every hit. That means she heals 35 times on average every 30s, or a total of 369.6% ATK + 2345.
  3. Adeptus Art: Preserver of Fortune: This applies a talisman to nearby enemies. Characters to damage enemies with talismans heal for 90% atk + 577. From what I noticed, this can only proc once per second, and since Talismans are active for 15s, this totals 1350% ATK + 8655 healing. 20s cd, 80 energy.
- Good damage, especially for a healer.
- Provides constant Cryo while Herald of Frost is active.
- Outstanding healing numbers, both through the Elemental Skill and the Elemental Burst.
- Her first Passive provides a 20% healing bonus on the current character when Herald of Frost triggers an elemental reaction.
- Her second Passive has a 50% chance to apply a Talisman to any enemy for 6s through basic attacks alone, further boosting Qiqi's healing and assuring there's very little downtime when Qiqi doesn't heal.
- ???
The other 5star healer on the list. While her healing is not as good as Qiqi's, Jean also provides considerable crowd control. She also thankfully does not require a constellation to boost her healing. Her healing scales with ATK.
Healing abilities:
  1. Wind Companion: This is Jean's first passive. Each one of her attacks has a 50% chance to heal for 15% of Jean's ATK.
  2. Dandelion Breeze: Jean's Elemental Burst provides a burst heal equal to 251% atk + 1540 to all party members and an additional 25.12% atk + 154 per second to any character who stays in the field, for a maximum of 10s. Her burst has a 20s cd and costs 80 energy.
- Besides healing, Jean provides good crowd control through her Elemental Skill, and considerable damage through both her basic attacks and her skills.
- Steady healing through basic attacks, as well as a strong "panic button" through Elemental Burst.
- Being Anemo, parties with Jean benefit from Swirl damage.
- Her second passive restores 20% energy for her Elemental Burst each time it is used.
- No passive healing (when her burst isn't charged... though I wouldn't recommend using it outside of combat anyway)
- Her healing through basic attacks is unsteady (50% chance) and rather low per tick.
This is where it gets interesting. Usually the list of Genshin healers stops with those four, but I will make an argument for two additional characters. The first of these is Bennett. His healing scales with his HP, but having a strong ATK stat is very valuable as well. He is a 4star character, making him relatively easy to acquire and he doesn't require a constellation for additional healing. If Barbara is a budget Qiqi, then Bennet is a budget Jean.
Healing Abilities:
  1. Fantastic Voyage: Bennett's healing comes from his Elemental Burst. He heals for 6% max HP + 577 per second, for 12s. His Burst has a cooldown of only 30s as well, so that to amounts a total of 72% max HP + 6924 for any character in the flaming field every 15s.
- Where he lacks in healing, he more than makes up for in support.
- Bennett provides Pyro damage through his Elemental Skill on a very low cooldown.
- There is no need to keep Bennett on the field for healing once his Fantastic Voyage is activated.
- When the character inside Fantastic Voyage is above 70% HP, they get 52% of Bennett's ATK as damage. This buff is always active with his first constellation, regardless of Health threshold.
- With enough energy recharge, Fantastic Voyage can be active almost permanently.
- His healing only comes from Elemental Burst, and cannot top off a character. Healing is inactive when a character in the field is above 70% HP.
- No passive healing or out of combat healing.
The last healer in the game is Xingqiu. His healing also scales off of his HP. He is a 4star, which makes him accessible, but his healing is considerably increased by his first constellation (25% increase).
Healing abilities:
  1. Hydropathic: This is Xingqiu's first passive. Each time a Rain Sword from his Elemental Skill is broken or expires, the active character heals for 6% max HP. This means Xingqiu heals for 18% max HP every 21s (or 24% max HP with C1) Additionally, when the duration of his Elemental Burst ends, he heals for 18% max HP or 24% max HP (C1) on a 20s cooldown. Consumes 80 energy.
- In addition to Healing, each Rain Sword reduces damage taken by 20% once, before it breaks. This bonus can be more than doubled through Hydro damage and talent upgrades.
- After using either skill, Xingqiu can be swapped for the main damage dealer.
- While his Elemental Skill applies Wet to enemies, it doesn't apply it constantly to the character on the field, unlike Barbara's Melody Loop, which makes him less vulnerable to the frozen status.
- Similar to Bennett, Xingqiu provides strong supportive abilities to assist his mediocre healing. His Elemental Burst in particular pairs excellently with characters who deal elemental damage through basic attacks for elemental reactions, such as catalyst users.
- He cannot easily top off his team in combat. His healing and damage reduction are just enough to keep the party alive, but he can become overwhelmed in longer fights.
- The only healer who cannot heal in co-op.

As final thoughts, I would like to mention that personally my main healer currently is Xingqiu. He pairs excellently with Lisa, Sucrose or Klee with his elemental burst, as well as someone like Razor or Diluc who can deal constant elemental damage through basic attacks and he is more than capable of sustaining a team, much to my surprise. His passive healing is higher than Barbara's and he ended up being the perfect healer for my particular party. So don't be afraid to experiment with something a little less traditional, who knows who you may find works for you :D
DIONA Found on the streets of Monstadt, Diona brings a new flavour of healing to the game. Her healing scales off of her HP and while the numbers are not as consistent as, say, Barbara's, she specialises in mitigating incoming damage. Her C1 is not mandatory for improved healing, but is a nice boost to consistency.
Healing Abilities:
  1. Signature Mix: Diona only heals through her Elemental Burst. Allies within the cold field regenerate 5.34% max HP + 513 every 2 seconds, for a total of 6 ticks. The overall healing is 32.04% max HP + 3078, on a 20s cd and costing 80 energy.
  • Diona's elemental skill, Icy Paws, provides a sturdy shield that absorbs 7.2% max HP + 693 damage. This is versatile, as it can be pressed for a base duration of 3.6s on a 6s cooldown or held for 9s on a 15s cooldown, and both the shield amount and duration increase with talent level ups.
  • Diona's first passive boosts allies' movement speed and stamina cost, making it much easier to dodge heavy blows during combat.
  • Diona's second passive is yet another form of damage mitigation. Enemies within Signature Mix's field deal 10% reduced damage for 15s. This means that, with enough energy recharge, she can keep this effect up permanently.
  • Diona's healing can be inconsistent, especially if more of your team members are in need of support. That said, this is greatly supplemented by her other buffs.
  • Her healing being tied to her Elemental Burst means it is difficult for her to heal out of combat. Additionally, her Elemental Skill's shield is dependent on her Icy Paws hitting enemies, so the movement speed and stamina buffs are also unavailable during exploration.
submitted by MirceaHM to Genshin_Impact


Where is Amy Wroe Betchel? Runner disappears in the Wind River Mountains - Lander, Wyoming

Blonde haired, blue eyed, running enthusiast Amy Wroe was preparing to move into a new home with her newly wed husband, Steve Bechtel, when she went missing sometime during the day of July 24, 1997. While not the official move-in day, Amy had a busy morning that day: teaching a fitness class, a laundry list of tasks associated with moving into a new home such as calling the electric company and setting up phone and gas, etc. However, when everything on her to-do list was done, she apparently was determined to sneak in a run. Amy was last seen at a local Lander photo shop, around 2 pm, wearing black running shorts.
Steve had been on an all-day rock climbing excursion with friends, but when he returned home sometime later that afternoon, he discovered Amy was not home.
At around 8 pm, Steve visited his neighbors, Todd and Amy Skinner. He again visited them at 11 pm, distressed that Amy was still not home.
The Skinners went looking for Amy at her usual running spots while Steve stayed at home near the telephome; at 1 am, the Skinners found Amy's vehicle off Loop Road in the Shoshone National Forest.
Search efforts expanded dramatically the next morning. At one point, 500 volunteers were covering a twenty five mile radius. However, search efforts only yielded one foot print, which was eventually lost (I'm not clear if this print was lost to the elements, ie rain, or later lost in evidence).
It's been 23 years and Amy is still missing.
What happened? Did something sinister happen, or is this death by misadventure?
Steve has faced intense scrutiny, especially after authorities found journals in which he wrote about his "need for control" and allegedly penned a poem about murdering someone and hiding their remains. Could this be innocent, therapeutic journaling and/or angst poetry, or did Steve have something to do with his wife's disappearance?
Dale Wayne Eaton, who is infamous for the 1998 rape and murder of Lisa Marie Kimmel (and who police suspect may be the Great Basin Serial Killer), was allegedly in Lander at the time Amy went missing (according to the killer's brother).
However, death by misadventure and folks going missing in national forests are not uncommon themes in disappearances either. Is it possible Amy wandered too far, somehow became immobile and perished, and we simply haven't found her remains?
___________. Sources:
Charley Project
Unsolved Mysteries Wiki
This case has been featured on Unsolved Mysteries (not the Netflix version) and on Disappeared. It is one of those cases that periodically surfaces to the top of my mind, and I'll go to check for updates ... And nothing. Genuinely hope it gets solved one day, but it seems cold cold cold. I hope my write up will bring more exposure. Thanks.
submitted by Turnaroundclown to UnresolvedMysteries